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3G auction: Eying $900 million income, PTA hires consultants

and who think its gonna be the top notch 3g nationwide , believe it or not it will be the same sh!t as patwari system in this country so forget about it..

We are seeing 4G in action now in other countries. Abhi 3G here sahi terha se nahi aayaa

yes i agree with wasiqjaved , v need 4g not 3g

I guess the auction will be postponed until next Government and it should. -_-

O hello? we are living in 1990. 3g has not been invented yet..

Oka. let me clear something. The above post was just a funny comment. So plz don't open calender to confirm date. And dont Quote my Post as with a serious Comment.

I heard PTCL already conducted LTE trials back in 2010 with Huawei or ZTE (not sure which one). The only reason we're still lacking deployment is because our greedy !@#$%^& officials are eyeing those 900 million dollars <_<

can't really jump from 2G to 4G (i assume u mean 4G LTE by that)

the devices with 4G radio are v expensive at the moment and the battery life is also questionable

Also if u have read anything relating with care PTA is just auctioning the spectrum and its upto the cellular companies to decide what they wanna do with it ( 3G or 4G)

Seems like finally 3G is coming to Pakistan, I hope there won't be any issue with PTA hiring a consultant this time. If every thing goes right, we can subscribe to the very first 3G Internet package in May/June 2014 :)


^ good Web page but its not responsive

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4G#Pakistan :ph34r:

I not think so pakistani Govt taking serious this issue the main problem is ptcl already evo product lunch with 3g so they not offer to mobiles and callular company to avail this 3g technology becuase the loses ptcl million users..and now very benifitial busniess ptcl broad band.

Huh PEEETCL is already losing broadband customers as they have increased taxes on dsl greater then 2mb, I’m paying 2540rs for 2mb which is monopoly
Btw I don’t think this gourment is serious about launching 3G in coming 5 years

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what a joke thread

Pakistan Aiming to Pull New Operators for 3G/4G Auction

just got sms

Pakistan ready to sell 3G and 4G spectrum licenses by end of march while 5G technology :wub: will be available on open license :::::: ishaq dar

3G joking thread

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Mobile phone users in Pakistan are beginning to experience 3G services in the country as mobile phone operators are hard testing next-gen services on their networksunder a special 3G trial-license granted by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

3G services by various operators are tested in select areas of major cities only during nights. However, there are few lucky users who had the chance of experiencing high-speed broadband on their smartphones during these trials that are aimed at fine tuning the networks before the actual auction of 3G/4G licenses next month.

Not to forget, trial licenses that are granted to cellular operators for 3G are for non-commercial purposes and users must not receive the services, told us an official from PTA.

Those early users of 3G wireless broadband services have shared screenshots with ProPakistani as proof that they are getting next-gen services on their smartphones, which might not be in accordance with the license terms, however, the lucky ones have already tasted and enjoyed the technology well before time.

Check below screen shared by Faraz Ahmed from Lahore:

Faraz said that he had 3G reception for over an hour, during which he was able to seamlessly browse internet with amazing speeds. He access Google Playstore and various other online resources to check the connectivity.

Below is a speedtest result he shared with us:

It merits mentioning here that upload/download speeds shown above might be different than what you should expect them to be after commercial launch of 3G, as internet speeds on 3G network depends on number of users attached with a cell site