3D-Movies on PC

Is it possible to watch a movie in 3D version at your home PC?

If yes then how? What will be the requirement for that ?


There is no mention of movie there, i've tried making that glasses it works for 3d-image. One thing more nowadays polarized glasses are used to view 3d rather than multi-color glasses. I want to know where to get 3d-movies and all HOW-TOs related to it.

At the time of above thread you mentioned my knowledge was limited so you might not consider it intentional misguidance. :)


oh man i am really sorry i didnt saw your posts in that thread..

my bad.. sorry..

Please someone Help as it is a very interesting topic.

OK no one! I'll assume that no one has seen 3D-movie! :|

well did heard about them never seen one

man if you figure out how to do this, please don't forget to share it here, in detail

if you have glasses and they work well, may be try this torrent

sah: Deleted. Don't post links to pirated content.

Its strange that no body from Wiredpakistan can help.

What a shame!

My search is on and i'll share it as i'll find something usefull.


^ But i don't think that it will work :P

^NOw whats this "3D Vision-Ready display".

its just a display with refresh rate of 120Hz, and you know most of LCDs have 60Hz refresh rate, so these 120Hz LCDs are something special and are expensive

because if you use stereoscopic glasses then the refresh rate in each eye will not be enough, and you would see flicker.

Acer GD245HQ is one of the Nvidia's recommended 3d vision ready displays, main thing is that it has 120Hz refresh rate

Even a CRT with 120Hz refresh rate will work, for 3D display

Google "Headplay". ;)

I'll soon buy a new LCD, i'll go for it if it meets my range(15k). But the real enjoyable thing is Headplay. Thanks Asad. Do you have one!

If i were earning by myself i would've just bought it, hmmm! but i can't. :(

Now my point is are there any cheaper ways to view 3d-movies? :)

I was planning to get one for FPV but am in two minds now. The current version has some flaws and they are working on a new product for which they aren't divulging the ETA. The connector between the visor and the liberator is very flimsy and can break easily. Secondly, I have heard some people state that in 720p resolution, the sides of the image/video are cut since the screen is essentially 4:3 aspect ratio, not 16:9.

There's also something by nVidia called geForce 3d vision or something...check that out

^Again in order to use that you must have display with refresh rate of 120Hz


Sorry for not replying earlier. 15K is too low, you must at least 25K to buy one here.

I have LCD TV at 100Hz, can I have any chance of viewing 3D ? (only 100Hz LCD TV was available through local dealer and it was expensive, :(