3com ADSL modem on ptcl - Are my settings right?

Hello everyone! hope you all are doing fine. I just bought this 3com adsl + router from saddar. I don't want to use the Huawie modem provided by ptcl and want to connect just trough one device. I tried to set it up myself and its working now (this forum was of great help). But the problem i'm facing is that my ping is 200+ browsing now, websites would open after refreshing 1-2 times, and If i leave the laptop idle for sometime then I'll have to repair the network connection first to start browsing again.

Here are the screen shots of the settings. Are these settings right? Secondly, do i have to set something else other than these?

looks fine, is your internet stable and working??If yes than continue with these settings,if no try changing beacon interval...

No, its not stable at all.

Try assigning static ip to your wifi card. Better to try using it for a few days via LAN card with static LAN ip. I dont think 3com devices are compatible with your ISP DSLAMs.

Did you set any idle time out value in WAN config?

i was having the same problem with a linksys router...

change the setting to auto redial.... for which u either hav to enter the value '0'

also change the dns to google ones


hope it helps