3 phase or single phase

I am really confused about the cost effectiveness of 3phase wapda meter vs single phase. I have heard lot of theories some say 12A load is divided into 3 and you pay for only 4A per phase so units drop slow and some say that it has nothing to do with unit drop speed.

3 phase has nothing to do with domestic use unless u have 3 phase Equipment (eg Motors etc),


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3 Phase if distributed properly amongst the appliances will result in a slower running meter. Besides you can't run more than 1 AC on a single phase anyways. Most noob electricians hook up most of the heavy duty appliance connections to 1-2 phases, leaving one phase completely unused, which results in the meter running faster. Efficiently distributing the load amongst all the 3 phases will help reducing bills by atleast 10%.

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Besides you can’t run more than 1 AC on a single phase anyways.


nice if some one has 4 ACs & just one Phase what he gonna do ?? as far as Digital Meters r concern there is no issue of fast & slow + u can use just 1 phase out of 3, it monitors load independently on each phase i don’t know much about Old Analog Meters

Get 3 phase if you need to use 3 phase motor. Otherwise, get single phase. The meter rent for 3 phase is more than single phase. For domestic (home) usage single phase is enough. You can run all kind of A/Cs and all other domestic appliances on single phase. I have used both and there is no difference in electricity.

My suggestion: 3 phase for 3 phase motor, otherwise get single phase.

3 phase can be used for better load distribution. Also, if one phase goes out, the others will hopefully work. Also, if one of the phases has (over/under) voltage problems, you can shift the more sensitive equipment to the phase which is providing correct voltage.

In addition, one can use two phases for the appliances demanding high current and which needn't be on UPS. The remaining phase can power just the lights, fans, etc with a UPS attached to it. That way, you don't need to run to turn off the higher energy consumption appliances which would be on the other phases.