3 months to spare - what to do?

Hey guys and gals ( if any)

Long time I haven't post WP. I've just graduated in mechanical engineering and Allhamdullilah found a graduate job starting in October.

Now that I have wasted time, chilled after studies.. I have three months still left to spare.. I can either waste this time or do something constructive towards my career...

Any ideas what I can do to make this time useful?

Get a nice rishta! :D you have a job, a degree, now you need a gharwali!

Congrats, which university ?

Design a DIY project...

What are your hobbies, interests?

Lol Ahmsun, I don't see how getting a ghar wali is constructive towards my career :P

I graduated in the UK.. As for my intents and hobbies... anything goes.. As long as it is interesting.

Any specific ideas?

Learn any new skill.

Anything goes is not good enough, You're a graduate and you still act clueless that is not good.

a DECENT PROPER course in Microsoft products and photoshop or corel draw.. since you are mechanical engineer, you would definitly need corel draw in future if at a good post ..

learn programming

+1 for coding

+1 for AutoCAD

Describe "anything goes [for hobby]" in details please.

+2 for autocad and Corel draw.

Hmm good advice. I am already familiar with solid works. Corel draw looks really shabby? I know fireworks and it is much better IMHO.

I am very interested in learning software languages.. Is Java worth learning?

Java sure is worth a lot, every language is worth a lot for that matter.

I would suggest starting with Ruby & Rails or PHP or jump right into building an app. The later can be fun.

With some apps developers fetching in millions, IMHO you can also try in this gold rush. Who know Dong Nguyen might be someone from Pakistan.

Learn android development. Very profitable business these days. You can make quite some money by making simple apps.

Learn something (already many said) or gain some skill. But all of these things need time and dedication more than 3 months.

However, I'll suggest to get some console or PC (with good graphic card) and play games. Enjoy your time! ;)

i guess, he Did learn something after all..:D

hey! i just read your old post about taking a gap year…nd i am in a similar condition right now.thinking about taking a gap year.Any suggestiones regarding entry test preparation would be appreciated.Want to get in nust for mechanical…@zazzyo.

Hey, surprised this forum is still used.

Life is very different since then…Anyway I did not end up studying in Pakistan so the gap year was a waste a time. To be honest I was studying year earlier in school anyway so it’s a year in my life unaccounted for :smiley:
However have a Plan A and Plan B after gap year. If you understand what I mean.

Good to know! :+1: