200mW DIY Laser Project

Howdy all!!

I was youtubing a few months back and found this video..

(not sure i can embed yt videos here)

So i went on tearing apart some dvd drives but what i came to know that only DVD-RW drives have the red-colored laser diode.

So most of us being electronics fan.. i would rather write it all up here. In case any one other than me finds this a doable DIY and searching for material where to start!!




Even the reflections of the laser speckles can cause damage to the eye.

So here it goes.. a small tutorial..

List of things u will need..

1. Laser Diode*

2. Lens/Housing for your laser diode**

3. Heatsink for housing (optional)

4. LM317 Voltage Regulator based circuit and input dc voltage of 7.2V or higher -- upto 35V

Other Voltage regulators that can be used are LM1117 LM1084 LM1085 LM1086. They can be used instead of lm317 depends on the availability.

5. Host/Box to put all the assembly inside an enclosure.

*Only DVD-RW laser diodes 16x or more will make a burning laser, higher the better.

**Lens housing is not available in pakistan, it is made by several US based laser hobby shops but unfortunately they are not available here. They costs about $6+ $4 shipping which is approx 900.

The total cost of this project is dependant on the availablity of parts.

Anyways, There were a few hurdles, and unfortunately i learnt it the hard way. Killed several diodes while soldering.

Proper ESD protection should be exercised in order to complete the project.

You will also need to be innovative and design you own host using a flashlight.

Nice - How did you measure the power ?

Make a double hilt light saber for me please :P

there is so many scope of laser technology in market

i want to do project on holography using laser technology

anybody suggest me about this topic