2 Megapixel LCD vs 1 Megapixel Plasma

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy a tv. Considered lots of options but settled on two sets. Having a hard time deciding which one to buy.

The first is a 1 Megapixel Panasonic Plasma. 50 Inch screen, 10000:1 Contrast ratio. HD ready.


The other is a Samsung 2 Megapixel LCD, 40 Inch screen, 15000:1 Contrast. Full HD.


My usage is:

40 % Movies,

30 % Cable,

15 % Xbox360

15 % PC

I would have gone for the plasma since it's better than the lcd at movies, cable and the xbox but the pc output and animation at 1920*1080 for the samsung is just breathtaking. The Samsung is more future proof being Full HD(1080p). Btw what is people's fascination with LCD's ?? Every schmuck in the market is telling me k "sir, LCD Latest technology hai, plasma toh purani hai aur khatam ho jaye gi". How do I tell them I've been using Lcd's since the late 90's when plasma's didn't even exist !!

Would like some comments, btw price is not an issue as I can get both the screens at the same price.

If you are _at all_ planning to use your screen as a display for your computer, then it's a no brainer:get a LCD. Not sure what the technical issue is with Plasma screens, but I have yet to see one crisply display output from PC inputs... I always find the image to be some what blurry and soft where was with LCD units I have found the output vibrant, crisp and strong.

This *may* have to do with the fact that as of late, LCD units have been offered at higher resolutions and comparably sized Plasma units at lower units. No idea why, but this seems to be a trend in most Japanese manufacturers lines.

That being said, when watching movies, I find that skin tones on Plasma units tend to be much nicer..... it's a tough choice, although not a bad one to have =)

Whatever you choose, make sure you test the screen using a typical cable input. If the upscaling chip sucks in the units then your non-HD source material is going to look absolutely terrible. The Sony Bravia V-series is particularly stellar in this department. Not sure how the Panasonic stacks up, but the Samsung, which I have seen myself is pretty good although, I have to admit, I hate that ridiculous "blue-eye" thing they have on its chin...it's so bloody distracting (not sure if this applies to your particular model of interest)

Good luck.

Lucky you. Time to get pro-active and trust your own research :) ..

http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?p=28841666 (should be your first click)

http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=49846&hl= (scan this forum, many relevant topics)


@Asad_N Thanks for links. Did so much research got myself in a mix ;)

@Raza You're right PC display on plasma's suxs. I tried watching both the screens for while. After staring at the LCD for 20 mins watching I Robot, Nanina & a couple of other demo's I felt my eyes straining. The colors were headache bright. As soon as I moved to the Plasma and looked at the picture it was a very cool very pleasant effect. SD looked better on the plasma, grainy on the LCD.

I'm thinking of going for the plasma, just the damn shopkeepers and their "Old Technology", "New 2 Megapixel Future proof" babble makes me start thinking all over again. :)

But in all honesty, I've had to make the choice two times before and I've gone with Plasmas.

Atleast I won't have to worry about changing my old 7800 GT to play the newer games on the Plasma, the best pc output it can handle is 1280x1024. I should be able to run everything maxed out!

Another thought. The plasma is made in Japan while the LCD is made either in Thailand or Malaysia. Does that make a difference ?

You don't need full HD, as DVDs, TV, Games etc. are all SD, and Full HD isn't going to hit pakistan in the next 10 years or so. Even when it does, it'll be 720, not 1080.

The place of manufacture makes absolutely no difference to the quality of the set. If you are concerned about the longevity of your set, just make sure you connect it to either a line-interactive UPS or a voltage stabilizer and you should be fine...

LCD definitely is the buzz word these days though I have real issues with the pixel-effect that happens with sub-par inputs.....

Not sure about Panasonic's warranty situation here, but I know Samsung is backed by DWP who are decently professional...

Honestly said, I would go for the Plasma knowing that in two odd years, you would probably upgrade again =)

@KO True, although I think we'll start seeing some desi blueray discs by this year's end. But then who would want to buy a Rs. 1000 pirated copy of a movie when you can torrent it for free!

@Raza Panasonic has a pretty decent setup here in Lahore, many showrooms and good service. I have a Panasonic projection and something got fried 8 months back. They actually sent a vanthingamajig to pick it up, repaired it and delivered it back. They did charge for transport both way but it was still great service. For the plasma they're offering 15 months complete warranty.

As far as the upgrading in two years, lol true. :)

I talked to a friend about my 'dilema' and he pointed out that an important factor that I am overlooking is viewing distance. For a 50 inch HD screen the ideal viewing distance is 13 feet. My seat placement is at 7 feet, for that viewing distance he says that the optimal screen size is 37 inches or at the max 40 inches.

Does any of this make sense ??

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

I talked to a friend about my ‘dilema’ and he pointed out that an important factor that I am overlooking is viewing distance. For a 50 inch HD screen the ideal viewing distance is 13 feet. My seat placement is at 7 feet, for that viewing distance he says that the optimal screen size is 37 inches or at the max 40 inches.

Does any of this make sense ??


Yes. It makes lots of sense. Large Screen @ Short viewing distance will be overwhelming.

Another important factor is lighting. For bright rooms, Plasma is recommended. LCD’s are better in low light situations as its colors tend to fade in bright light.

My vote (from the two models you listed) will be for LCD.

* It has higher contrast ratio (makes picture more crisp)

* LCD power consumption is lower that Plasma

* LCD is recommended for small sizes (32-40 inches).

* PC display is better on LCD

By the way, if you plan to (or already have) a PS3, then LCD is the choice since its a treat to play games on HiDef.

Samsung models also offer a lot of adjustment options for color depth etc. So you can adjust the display to your liking so that it is easier on your eyes.

I think the newer LCD units have larger view angles too ~180, which has previously always been an issue with the technology...Plasma used to hold the advantage in this department...

While viewing distance makes a difference, it's not a end all argument. For gaming and movies, ideally you want to be closer to the screen such that your peripheral vision comes into play (RPG).....

Not sure how it works there, but the dealers here in Karachi are pretty flexible, you can always ask them to give you the weaker (specifications-wise) unit to test for a day or so and if you are fine with the performance, then stick with it...otherwise go with the LCD

I wish the dealers were that understanding here Raza. I do however have a 42inch Panasonic plasma, to 'test' Kuya's "Large Screen@Short viewing distance = Overwhelming" I pulled up a chair 7 feet away from the screen and sat in front of it for half an hour. I started noticing the blockiness and pixels immediately. Overwhelming is exactly the word I would use to describe it although it was damn cool using the xbox on it from that distance, felt like I was wearing one of those VR glasses.

I asked the dealer to setup both the screen's side by side today. Will try and run the same inputs for both of them.

Anyone hooked up a xbox or ps3 to this yet ?? ;)

Dammit! Just when I decide one direction I read something new to push me in the other direction! :P

About Viewing distances:


HD Viewing distance Map: (Excellent)


Buy a Plasma LCD as it beats 1 MP VS 2 MP.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Buy a Plasma LCD as it beats 1 MP VS 2 MP.

Err, yes ! :D

Meh, when all else fails, go for the aesthetics factor or the "sexy multiplier" :P

Hell, its helped Apple sell me all sorts of sh!t...


Lol, apple does have great looking stuff.

The dealer is out of plasma stock till tomorrow so have to wait another day..

Btw I'm impressed with Shophive & Belicity. Prices are pretty good and you can do most of your research before you leave home.

We were facing the same dilemma. We were either going for the

Samsung 47" LCD, or the 50" Panny. It went back and forth and

we read up on it, asked around, legwork. In the end the Plasma

was the hands down winner. Why ?.



1. Samsung LCDs are a disgrace at displaying WOrldCall cable.

2. Action sequences in movies look great in Plasma, suck in LCD.

3. Screendoor effect in LCD, smooth and rich transfers in Plasma.

4. LCD's poor rep. of true-black, no such problem in Plasma.

5. LCD's have dark-pixel problems, no such things in Plasma.

6. LCD's poor viewing angles. They say its 170+, but in reality

it's nowhere near that. Try it at the showroom.

The LCD are great at displaying a still image, so if somebody is

going to use it with an Xbox or PC, go for it. The 50" PV-70R is

quite recent model and has just come out. The PV-700R is the

Full-HD model (if I am not mistaken).

From personal experience, the dealers at these shops, in Karachi

at least, are total morons. They don't know brightness from con-

trast ratio, native resolution from input resolution or even the

basic difference between an LCD technology and Plasma. What

to talk of these poor salesmen, the LG techs at their laboratory

(in Saddar) don't even know these basic info! Compared to their

counterparts abroad, they are a total disgrace.




Sheikh 'Rah Piya Janey...' Chilli

Note Plasma is still very expensive =)

Made my purchase today. I finally ended up buying the LCD. The shopkeeper was kind enough to setup the two latest models of Panasonic Viera and the Samsung 2 MP LCD together. I was almost sure I'll buy a plasma today but after watching all three screens running the same inputs for an hour and a half at 7 feet the Samsung LCD won hands down. Cable is great on the plasma, but the Xbox 360 and Dvd movies are awesome on the Samsung. I saw so much detail in the picture in the Lcd that I simply could not see on the plasma. I could even see the texture of the bricks in buildings! LCD's have a bad reputation of displaying blacks but this particular model that I was interested in was displaying the blacks better than the 50 and 42 inch plasma's!

In a still image test on a black background to check color bleeding, I could see a slight movement in the colors (they were jumping out of their outlines) in the plasma's but the Lcd was stunningly still and extremly well defined.

As far as the general brightness and the color richess, there was no comparassion. The plasma looked dull and boring compared to the LCD even after I had turned up the brightness to 85 and Dynamic and the LCD turned down to 35 and Soft.

The speakers on the 40M81 are also much better than the normal 50in Viera speakers.

Let's see how it works out.

Thanks everyone for your input, appreciate it.