19 inch Rack Mount UPS (APC, Emerson, etc)

Where can one find 19" rack mount UPS units (1-2kVA) locally in 2U/3U form factor? Are there any reps for APC or Emerson or any other proper brand available locally catering to this type of UPS?

Either Offline/Online variant is acceptable with latter being preferred.

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@APC_UPS, @farhan_ds, @Ijaz_Ahmed

New or used ?

apc… line interactive … model SU is rackmount shape … new models r 2U and old models were 3U … its silver steel … comes in 1 KVA / 1.5 KVA / 2.2 KVA / 3 KVA and 5 KVA … 1 and 1.5 kva works with 2 internal or external batteries while remaining all rating are 48 volt dc … it does not comes in new box packed any more so if u want RM then u hv to buy used one … in new u will only find TOWER SHAPE … 1 kva makes 670 watts … 1.5 kva makes 980 watts and 2.2 kva makes 1980 watts …

here r the prices

1 kva 12k

1.5 kva 15k

2.2 kva 25k

warranty one year

also visit my url www.uwt.com.pk

Preferably new. Clean older units will also do.

Thanks for the details.

What are rates/models for new and old (in clean and working condition) 1kVA options?

if u want new then model is SUA1000i / 670 watts / TOWER … 35K with one year warranty

used in better condition in TOWER SUA1000i / RM SU1000i 12k with one year warranty …

Both are 2U?

tower cant b in Uz … when i say RM then its 2U … yes 1 kva used in RM is 2U

Are clean pieces available for RM 1kVA variant? Where can it be seen?

at my office … yes thy r available RM 1 KVA USED in clean condition

Can you please send some pictures of the front and condition of the body (walkaround) of any sample unit? I can send you contact info via PM once pics are taken.

check ur pm…