14th August Celebrations - Peshawar!

Here it is, my new video. check it out :)

Peshawar, glowing with the colors of Pakistan as the Day of Independence comes their way.




"Aaaaalaaa! Cha gia hai cheetay" :P

Very nice, superb, i was waiting for this on 14, late but great

this is awesome you did great job with dolly is that you bought or made in home? can you show me that?

awesome ur the man..!! Salute!

Awesome work dude.......... really amazing.

Awesome work! Love it. :D

why did you filmed with only body camera if you used some wide angle lens then it could creates more dramatic film looks btw nice camera work keep going

Wow man u did a great job in this video specially that dolly thing armada mentioned is awesome. keep it up :)

Excellent vid bro..

Keep it up!!

I didn't watch it at first thinking it would suck, but man, it was good indeed. Nice work OP!

dolly thing?

[quote=“Imran, post:11, topic:15354”]

dolly thing?


this is not the dolly which use for brides :lol: its four wheel slider with camera mount on thing, looks like skateboard it provides professional film type sliding effects footage also fimlmakers use it to achieve smooth moving time-lapse videos



brilliant work !

Peshawar looks so neat & clean city.

Well Done.

Wooow Beautifully done !!

still waiting for more of your content...Production quality is remarkable!!

awsum work bro! too bad the 'katlamba' guy kinda flopped :D

Awaiting a eid video, preferably with some vocals.

Nice one