10 Reasons Why Pakistan has Leading Position in World’s IT Industry

I admit all the crisis nowadays in our country, let’s forget this for a moment and tell the world that Pakistan’s IT industry is booming and a great deal of inspiring work is going on in our country. Let’s take a look at some achievements of Pakistan’s IT industry in the recent years.

1. There are more than 2500 registered IT organizations in Pakistan with more than 20,000 computer science professionals entering the market every year.

2. Pakistan shares $2.8 billion of global IT sales, out of which $1.6 billion accounts for the country’s IT exports and services.

3. i2c (one of the world’s best payment gateway) resides right here in Pakistan.

4. Ashar Aziz a Pakistani American owns FireEye.Inc (a network security company), is valued at USD 6.5 Billion.

5. NetSol and Systems Limited, the pioneer software houses in Pakistan are adding a great value for economic growth of the country.

6. Pakistan is the 5th biggest working nation on UpWork.com and 3rd biggest on freelancers.com.

7. The world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional and Youngest Innovator of the world belong to Pakistan.

8. The recent researches show that Pakistan is one of the hottest regions for IT startups right now.

9. A Karachi based company makes apps for the NASA, for the space giant’s mobile platform.

10. We have Zeesol Esolutions which is supporting and promoting IT professionals and entrepreneurs to prove their mettle internationally.