1 tera byte HDD which one is best?

salam to all

want to buy 1 tera byte or 1.5 tera byte HDD sata 2 internal , want to know which brand should i go for ?

Seaget ?

WD ?

and more over what is WD cavier ?

this drive will b use for backups .

Please advice.


Nadeem Ahmed

you said it will be used for backups, then why internal?

For backups, just go for external WD Passport. Its now available in USB 3.0 as well.

Seagate's desktop hard drives are brand named Barracuda which is also the name of a type of fish. Perhaps that is why WD named its desktop drives Caviar which means fish eggs :D

Anyway only WD's line up is complicated:

Green caviar : Slower but cheaper. Uses less power but the difference is truly negligible unless you run a datacenter with 100s of drives.

Blue caviar: Mainstream drive. Equivalent to the seagate Barracuda.

Black caviar: Expensive and is said to give better performance.

Buy either the Seagate barracuda or the WD blue/black. Avoid the WD green. You will find most shops pushing the latter so you will have to insist that they get you what you want. Also there are some shops selling green drives with fake blue/black labels. So best to go with seagate or WD blue from reputable dealers.

Instead of one 1 TB drive for backup, Use 4 250 drive in RAID configuration, it more safe and secure solution.


Here are my suggestions:

1. WD Green: Don't even bother. Its more expensive than Seagate's similar drives. RPM slows down to 5400 rpm from 7200 rpm.

2. WD Blue: Most retailers are selling rebranded OEM drives under WD Blue. These are just 8M cache drives. Stay away from these at all costs.

3. WD Black: More expensive. Not worth the extra dough you're going to spend. Only saving grace is the latency. Access time is 4-5 secs faster than other competing brands. Average transfer rate is lower than Seagate though.

4. Seagate: Be very careful when buying the Seagate drives. Their previous gen 7200.11 had severe firmware issues. The current 7200.12 drives are just fine. Always check the series and date of manufacturing when these hard drives.

In the end, my final suggestion would be to run HDD Life Pro, HD Tune and check the "Power On Hours Count". It should be close to under 10 if you've used it for a few hours or 0 if you just plugged it in. If the number is abnormally high, like in 100's or 1000's and you just plugged it in ur system, then the drive is not new and has been extensively used. Beware.

jazak ALLAH to all of the above with such valuable advices . I will go for seagate internal with 7200:12 firmware / version , and really a good suggestion to run HDD life pro . I have just downloaded .

Actually these backups are mostly contains family videos and pictures plus some other data , i will need atleast 1 TB capacity , and buying an external one will b a bit expensive , more over in the future i can use 1 TB internal as a system drive (windows etc) but the external one couldnt b use as a system drive .

i already have Maxtor external but thats just 160 GB .

I just bought a 1TB myself a week ago. Working very goood mashallah. Take a look for yourself. WD drives are just overrated junk in my opinion. The only edge they provide is better access times. That's why I've reserved the whole drive exclusively for gaming.

08february20111534.png 08february20111538.png


^ A word of caution. Galaxy isn't selling sealed hard drives. Don't buy it if the seal's open. A lot of their hard drives were recalled due to opened seal.


I myself am a regular there. But they tried to sell me a hard drive with opened seal. I didn't and got the drive for the same price they were offering at Y block shop called dynamic systems instead.

@ neoclue , thanks for the suggestion , i DO keep the data in 3 different media / places too . one is existing HDD , other is the backup HDD (internal) 3rd one is DVD and 4th one is external drive (for most important documents only as the size of external drive is 160 GB just).

I think you go with Seaget.

btw there are external hardrive available as well, but they are 320 GB for now I think

For those who're looking for WD Black 1TB be-warned! many shopkeepers are selling the 5400rpm version of WD Black 1TB cost about 5.5k thus making it an equivalent of WD Green. The actual 7200rpm wd black still cost about usd $80/90.

Any sane person who's shopping for WD Black would obviously be aware that its costs atleast 2-3k more than WD Green drives. The 5.5k drives are priced even lower than WD Green, which is an instant give away.

i dont see any benefit in buying WD green / black when there is another option Deagate is available , seems there is a lot of 2 numberi kaam in WD green / black etc so its better to buy Seagate :)

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i dont see any benefit in buying WD green / black when there is another option Deagate is available , seems there is a lot of 2 numberi kaam in WD green / black etc so its better to buy Seagate :)

Deagate a third brand hmm… :P Are these HDD cheaper ?

Yeah seagate is good. Go for it. I am using seagate 750gb myself. I also have a seagate 80GB drive that is 7 years old and working fine.

Seagate has been getting a lot bad press lately, if some of you guys are using their old HDD, then that's fine.

But their new onces have been getting a lot of stick specially in reliability.

I used to be all Seagate but now i am all WD for externals once.

For internal HDD Hitachi is also pretty good.