$1.5 Million Fine for Downloading 24 songs! damn


$1.5 Million*85=127500000/24 = 5312500 Rs Each Song. damn damn

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RIAA offered Thomas-Rasset the opportunity to end the legal battle for $25,000 and an admission of guilt; Thomas-Rasset declined.

Crap man !


in this case each techy pakistani owe fine in trillions of dollars....

Look, when you download a song instead of buying it, you are breaking the law. The record companies aren't gonna give away the songs for free, are they?. But it won't deter us from downloading music illegally, will it?. Hundreds of thousands of people download content worth millions everyday. Bottom line is, you are doomed if you're caught unless if you are in a country like Pakistan ;)

^That's not true. Recently, someone in Germany was fined only $41 for illegally downloading 2 songs ($20.5/song). US legal system is #$%# when it comes to undefined matters like this I guess. People are just pulling numbers out of thin air. First they were ordered to pay $222,000($9,250/song), they appealed and got a fine of $1,920,000 (1.92 million, $80,000/song) instead, on the next retrial, it was $54,000($2,250/song), now it's $1.5 million($62,500/song), all these number for the same case. Also, RIAA sucks. They try to make an example of out people instead of fairly going after people and charging them a reasonable amount.

Ofcourse, laws vary from place to place. I don't think RIAA had any other choice. They could've charged just the price of the songs but that would've set a wrong precedent. It means you can get away with illegal downloading of copyrighted content which you ought to buy.

The women who is sued is not giving up. Even though RIAA wanted her to pay (at one time) 50000 $ and end the case. She still appealed.

This case will continue and appeals will be made one after the other till a minimum amount of money is agreed to by both the parties.

US legal system is flawed.

^ Especially their copyright laws are downright insane. Recent stuff happening in UK is even more crazy. But interesting thing is that EU people are really awesome when it comes to technology related laws. When your country's laws won't allow Open Source software to play some format or discs for which you payed, you know there is some nut-jobs up there.

Hmm.. so it's even illegal to convert youtube to mp3?