Zong unlimited internet is very slow as compare to telenor


hey i have just got their subscription but its deadly slow any other have experienced please share


Give it time.

Everyone's running after Zong, so expect the network to not perform well - since there's going to be a lot of load. GPRS/EDGE will get affected too.


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Give it time.

Everyone’s running after Zong, so expect the network to not perform well - since there’s going to be a lot of load. GPRS/EDGE will get affected too.




yes i checked it on mobile with their EDGE but it is slow . speed less than even mobilink simple gprs.



Meanwhile, evaluate the connectivity... that's more important than lousy GPRS - if there's an emergency, I'm sure many of us won't say "hmm.... GPRS isn't working!" unless you're heavy into emailing... which would mean you'll be straining your eyes like crazy if you use your phone for emailing and a tiny keypad and somewhat a tiny screen to send/receive email... and in emergencies, you call, not email or use GPRS.

I think I've made my point here ;):P~~~


Is gprs activated on zong sim or I'll need to go their franchisee.Their helpline is of no use because none attends the call,anyhow do you guys know whats the access point address of zong?


Usman, you can give us the APN and other settings for Zong GPRS so that we also check out its speed in different areas.

But I've practically seen that at least its EDGE coverage is far extended then that of Ufone, Mobilink and Warid.


yaar i have nokia 2626 which is non edge phone i think...and i dont have unlimited zong net...but today when i give a try by using zong internet..i was impress with the speed as it was faster then warid...as the site that i open on warid takes few mins to load...but in zong it loaded in 1 go...


Zong GPRS settings:

APN: zonginternet



Login Request: off

Autentication: only PAP checked

Data Compression: off

enjoy, the speed isn't much fast ...i've tried it...


Guys i tried telenor edge on my phone today and i was amazed to see the speed which was touching almost 40kbps when i downloaded few softwares on ma phone .

can anyone tel me the avg download speed of zong's edge .


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i am anxious to see test of zong internet speed how much it is no 1 yet post the test here. I have test telenor edge in pc through bluetooth connectivity.

Download Speed= 111 KB/SEC



The max theoratical(or practicle if u r standing on edge tower) iz 236.8 kbps or 29 kB/S how did u got so much speed

wil someone plz give an add on tv about the difrence between kb and kB


Try using EDGE at off peak times :)


میں آپ سے متفق ھوں کہ ٹیلی نار کی سپیڈ زیاده ھے لیکن آپ یے بتائیں کہ جب ٹیلی نار نے اپنی سروس شروع کی تھی کیا اس وقت سے ٹیلی کی سپیڈ ایسے ھی آ رھی ھے۔ یقیناُ ایسا نھیں تھا۔ ایسا ھی زونگ کے ساتھ ھے۔ زونگ کی سپیڈ فی الحال کم ھے۔ لیکن میں نے ان سے بات کی ھے۔ وه کھتے ھیں کہ صرف ایک مسئلہ آ رھا ھے جو کہ جلد ختم ھو جائے گا۔ اس کے علاوه میں ے بتاتا چلوں کہ زونگ ھی وه واحد سروس ھے جس نے اپنے آغاز سے ھی ایج کی سروس فراھم کی ھے۔ اس لیے ھمیں زونگ کو تھوڑا سا وقت دینا چاھے تا کہ وه اپنی اس سروس کو بھتر بنا سکیں ۔ اس کے علاوه انہوں نے اپنی ھلپ لائن بھی بہتر بنا دی ھے ۔ اب کسٹمر افیسر کال بھی دو منٹ باد سن لیتا ھے۔ میں اس سروس کو چوبیس گھنٹے استعمال کر رھا ھوں کیوں کہ کسی چیز کا مستقل استعمال ھی اس کے بارے میں ٹھیک بتا سکتا ھے۔


Zong gprs faster than ufon's and slower than telenor's.


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