Zong replies to Ufone by Ad

Few days ago zong attacked by ufone, now zong reply to this ufone ad "mein pagal nahi hoon"


whts your comment?

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Few days ago zong attacked by ufone, now zong reply to this ufone ad “mein pagal nahi hoon”


whts your comment?


direct link will be appreciated :)

And even though im a fan of Ufone Ads :D, I think this time, Ufone got PWND !!!!

HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! Ufone really got pwnd! :D

Zong Rules!

i think u just visit this forum to advertise your website

yeah nice pwnage....


Gr8 zong

Well, see if ufone replies back

well i think advertising agencys are earning lots of money in this network war ADs :)

hahaha this time ufone really pwned...

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dun thing ufone got pawned. it was just a reply, and a bad one that. that is how a mummy daddy kid would reply, 'jo kehta hai woh khud hi hota hai', lame.

They should have related the ad sumhow with ' hur pagal yehi kehta hai kay woh pagal nai hai'

Even if it's a lame reply, its an insult for ufone

Its lame indeed!

Ufone is going to give suchhh a bad reply ... I can just see it!

These both ads haven't been aired on TV

It would be amazing if they do air them on TV

wht u think if these both ads onair on tv?

I don't think these ads were aired on TV (at least, I haven't seen it - BTW, :P I watch TV less than 2 or 1 hours a day). in any case, this is a very good response by Zong.

It is confirm these ads will not aired on tv

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Ufone Nai Choray ga bhai … hur Network se phada hai ufone ka …

Roman Urdu is not allowed in WP forums.

I think zong is strong than ufone

zong spoof - Pong ads Target to zong ad (It's funny)

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