Zong one free number

Just recieved this sms from zong.

Dear User,call 1 ZONG number for Free 24 hours a day.Type SubFreenumber & send to 908, fee of Rs 500 + tax/month applies.Call 310 for details

I think ufone's offer is better than this.

they both are same in terms of money that one has to spent in order to avail thses offers from either telcos.... it all depends on what actually u need. And Ufone has just offered this , zong is offeering this free number for more than 5 or 6 months now.... i must say regardless quality of service of zong, every telco is following zong's footsteps to offer these kinds of things.

Wait till u see when zong buys warid (inside news)

BTW u can also call 908 to add super free number (thats what zong calls it) if u already have zong free package.

Well, we have come to know that warid is going to invest 5M US$ to maintain his worth in market. secondly, zong has introduced free number by 24/7 & warid has also introduced 5 numbers free by 24/7. wowww great.

ufone has changed its daily charges from 19.99 to 29.99 so it means 29.99 x 30 = 899.7 + 21% tax = 1088 and they also charge 1 paisa per call so it is not even free.

and for zong 500 + 21% tax = 605

so now compare which one is better :P

@haidri yeah but that warid free no are for Postpaid only and we are talking about prepaid packages.

Warid my5 package is the cheapest

^ couldn't locate my5 package on warid's website. Any details

ya ennay tell more abt my5 package?