Zong not allowing p2p?


some guys here on forum told me that zong allow P2P downloading....so i bought the new sim of zong,loaded it with 600 balance,and activated the zong unlimited edge...but what is this....my limewire and morpheus does not work...it says you are behind firewall (my winxp firewall has turned off) ....is it that zong is not allowing p2p???????? ..if yes then why these guys lied to me.


I can use bearshare p2p client on zong.


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Bro u talk about p2p basic services like google services and google search engine not working.

we cannot even use net some times browsing speed is too slow less than a dialup and pings are too much


i didnt know that google search engines are P2P basic services…

im not talking about google…iam talking about limewire,kaaza,morpheus etc.

they are not working.

speed sucks…i wish i could get back the time when i loaded 600 balance on this #$%# sim.