Zong imposes service charges

From 1 september 2009 zong is going to impose 10 paisa +tax on balance inquire through *222#...inorder to provide better service......... b*lsh%t

better service lolz. I am crying by shifting from Telenor to this pathetic service. Tomorrow I will get back to Telenor.

Does it cost?

I think they will have to remove it. I think the telenor deal has really gone through. 6 Million customers compared to an average of around 20million in rest of the networks. This is the cheapest network, they can't afford to keep this up or theyll lose a bunch of their customers.

Zong gone nuts :D ,they will lift the charges soon

They just try 2 to do somethng different..


Jo dosra na kare vo zong kar lai


Got da sms too

Thats f**king bulls**t of zong

The original sms:

"Dear Customer. From Sep 01,2009 Balance inquiry request *222# will be charged @10 paisa+t to give you the seamless connectivity on ZONG network"

Another stupid step by zong...

And I just got my number ported from Warid to Zong. Infact I have to pick up my Zong sim tomorrow :mad:. Hope they don't start adding any more charges.

Telenor was going to launch this 10 paisa thing on 15th august but they din't and zong did it. Strange.

I have source inside mobilink. He told me 10 paisa tax was a push from PTA and every company will impose it in the end of august. Bullshit. Now I will use 555 to check balance :D

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Now I will use 555 to check balance :D

They’ll probably put a 20paisa+tax fee on that :P

If they apply these charges they will b surely loose many customers

Oh, this is the classic! Chinese business model.

(You can be sure that this is just the beginning).

1st - Undercut present businesses in the market

by giving away goods and services below whatever

is the market price until you drive your competition

out of the market, or eat them up.

2nd - When you have the monopoly (Zong will soon

acquire Telenor), slowly start raising tariff. After all,

who's left to provide an alternative to the customers ?.


This is how Chinese businessmen are driving out their

competitors on all continents. I don't have anything

personal against this model. If local people and govt

(its their job to regulate markets) are stupid enough

to fall for it, then they deserve to get what's coming

to them.

Sensible people and their responsible govts (that will

be the west) keep an eye on such things and think in

terms of their long-term interests.




Sheikh 'Ufone All The Way' Chilli

its 20 paisas + Tax Now onwards..!

First they were grabbing customers with their attractive services and they have grabbed enough now. Now they'll get in return from customers too. lol

i have a question :

then why the cellular companies are charging 5 percent service charges and deducted instantly from the card when loaded !

what those 5 percent are for ??

and 2ndly i know they will charge wrong charges of calls and msgs as the frequency of the balance chking will b less bcz of this 10 paisa implementation !

As they are providing services in low cost ,they will earn money by such things...

I think we must be thankful 2 them...at least they have told us about the charges 2 weeks before...

In the very beginning ,when balance used 2 get end...we had 2 reactivate the package and again make numbers favourite....and this was never mentioned by zong.....

@ nadeem5476

You mean 15% right ?. When I load a Rs. 500 card,

my balance turns up Rs. 425/-.

I believe that is Govt's sales tax and does not go

to the mobile companies.




Sheikh 'Loot Maar' Chilli

If 10 paisa is too expensive for you, I suggest you register for zong ebill facility. You can then view your balance and usage details on the net.

we give other taxes 2....

So its a compulsion to gve tax...

10 paisa is nt expensive...

The point is ,it was an easiest and a free stuff to do...

I thnk if other cellular cmpanies wil impose such a charg, then ufone will impose at *706# for uredge package.....