ZONG gprs on laptop

How can i use my Nokia 6600 to use zong gprs on my laptop.Nokia 6600 doesn't have USB.Any idea please.

^ yes you can the 6600 has bluetooth which you can use to connect to your laptop

Thanks man,but my laptop doesn't have bluetooth,it has only infrared.Can i use external bluetooth for that,and what will be procedure of going online after connecting mobile and laptop via bluetooth?

^ yes u can use external bluetooth

when u get the bluetooth pair ur laptop and 6600 and then create a new connection usin ur phone as the modem

once thats done enter the user name and pass for ur provider and the phone number as #99*

sorry for not describing in too much detail dont really use windows that much so not sure

Leave the username and password field blank.No need to enter the login name and PASS.Only the hunting number is required which is #99*

above instructions are good but not complete.

you need the APN to connect with. and in above procedure you have to give some additional parameters in the installed modem's advance settings.

after installing the nokia 6600 as modem. go to your modem settings and search for extra settings commands to give in. that will probably be a simple text box

give the following commands in it

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while bold apn will be the APN provided by your network.

e.g. to connect with mobilink GPRS. the APN will be connect.mobilinkworld.com

other settings are as it is.

dialing number is #99* as said above

and the user name and password are dependent upon your network needs.

^ the apn for zong is zonginternet if i am not mistaken

what is the procedure when u have built in bluetooth.

i think windows vista or crystal have built in driver for bluetooth. but not for modem drive (only transfer files)

^modem actually comes with your attached bluetooth device. but not inside your computer with built-in bluetooth. instead bluetooth is a standalone specifc device that is used as medium of communication.

if you connect some bluetooth device that has modem(physical) support then your computer detects it and install automatically with your device drivers.

your bluetooth enabled computer/device is just capable of any kind of data transfer. no mater it is a binary file or instructions.

so the modem is a part of hardware that uses bluetooth device(as a medium) on it and on a computer to connect at both sides.

if you have built-in bluetooth in your laptop. then it is capable of dialup internet through bluetooth modem as well as of transfering files.

and the procedure requirements are just same. but the flow may be different in different OS.

But i don't have built in bluetooth in in my laptop.....

Yaaar you wont get this.... Your a newbie like me. SO here is a simple guide. You have 6600 right? Get a bluetooth dongle means external one or you can get cable too. i iwll suggest bluetooth dongle. Then download a nokia suite from the internet or get the latest cd. If some one in your house bought a latest nokia handset get a cd from them, then install. after that try to connect your handset with nokia suite. If it connects good, if not configure your bluetooth dongle for drivers and softwares. you will get them with your dongle.after all this call your network carrier. tell them to send you internet setting not wap setings. now got in your network settings and clik that setting as your default. After that connect and go to "manage connections" in nokia suite. Create connections and enjoy.......Simple. but before askin any more questions get a dongle first then we will help u step by step


^Good job satan22o4. :)

really nice. keep it up...

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But i don’t have built in bluetooth in in my laptop…

ruhaan told you about some external bluetooth device. I think I didn’t advise only because I thought you have read the ruhaan’s post.

and so now satan22o4 told u about the same bluetooth dongle.

just try to follow him once.

and addition. Nokia 6600 has its own Nokia PC-Suite specially designed for it. download it from nokia’s web-site. http://europe.nokia.com/A4143896.

Using PC-Suite is much better with Nokia handsets.