Zong going to launch ZoNGRoid!


^ I visited the Saddar market today to get the screen protector and a pouch, Also to find if there is any unlock available.

They are unlocking it for 1500. After asking them how they do it they said that they will unlock it online them self paying for it. So its the same unlockign method which Dogar already mentioned in the link.

USB unlocking is still not available but some people in Australia and UK are working on it. It will be available in next month or utmost in January.


alright.. thanks for the info.

Btw, can you guys share some android apps..

I installed angry birds on ideos.. It's having screen resolution problem..

any other appss?


Download this application. http://www.applanet.net/applanet/

Then downlaod any installed like apkinstaller from android.

ApPlanet is just like android market, but it has all the paid applications for free :)

Enjoy... It has 100 thousand applications.

By the way any body can share the Ideos Internet / MMS settings. I lost them during a restore.


search android application or apk in www.4shared.com, you will get lot of application there which can be download on PC/laptop than install on android set.


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ApPlanet is just like android market, but it has all the paid applications for free :)

You sure about that? All apps lead to the Android Market app in the phone eventually. If you want something for free, you need to get the APK from someplace and then allow the phone to install from untrusted sources - cause the only trusted source is (you guessed it!) the Android Market - which blocks paid apps in countries where there’s no payment system.

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By the way any body can share the Ideos Internet / MMS settings. I lost them during a restore.

Pretty easy, actually. Make sure you have the APN and URLs from Zong’s website, and in the access point type field in the phone, key in “default” for GPRS/EDGE and “MMS” for the MMS setting. SAVE IT EACH TIME you edit the APN just in case.

Now select the GPRS/EDGE APN (make sure it has a dot filled). You’re done…or hopefully you are.


^ I figured out the handset settings.

And yes. ApPlanet downloads the .apk of paid applications from the internet and lets you download all the application available on android market.


Every thing you need for mobile



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Anybody can confirm the battery timing ? I’m not sure this mobile can hold too long. I was dishearten by its screen resolution. :(

lol dont think about Call time or some thing other function .just purchase for touch screen :P


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lol dont think about Call time or some thing other function .just purchase for touch screen :P


i totally agree with bilzz, its perfect for the money you pay for (only downside is thats its locked), i have been using it for few weeks now.

1- battery timing is ok if not the best best, when i go out i always have the fully charge second one in pocket in case.

2- screen resolution is ok, while i was in australian mobile phone forum there was some guy talking about hack to activate multi touch how true it is god knows.

3- yup CPU lags sometimes if using big apps i.e. like SKYPE etc.

4- carrier locked thats the only thing sucks, but for 16k its awesome, i am very happy with my experience.

well next cheapest android phone in PK market is Samsung Galaxy for 25k and its not even running Froyo. bottom line until android phones for the range of 10k to 20k comes to local market ZONGROID is the best deal in town.


Almost everything in Zongroid and good in that price, but only one thing which is network lock. In price of 16k, we cant find such cell phone.


Any one got his Zong Android unlocked and how much paid and what is experience?


Does Zong have any planz to realease huawei IDEOS X6 in Pakistan? It'll be revolutionary if it's under 20k :)


^less than 50k maybe for that set


i think i paid too much for my zong ideos, they ripped me off





wow...good deal on newegg....too bad local retailers have still not imported unlocked IDEOS.


Has anyone unlocked Ideos provided by Zong yet? How much did it cost and from where (shop location etc).

Also what is the overall price of the phone including the Sim charges and taxes. And the Wifi receiving range, plz help on this!


I was in Hafeez Center recently and checked with several guys there. One of them said yes he can unlock but was charging Rs.1k.

I'm ok with Zong's service. Its not bad and rates are cheapest. So did'nt get it unlocked yet. But its not convenient carrying two phones all the time as i have another official number and this is personal.


How to get invisible Apps from Goolgle Market..

Based on ID of your network service provider, the Google Market decides which Apps to offer you. For all of our service providers, the paid Apps are not shown. Basically the Android OS when boots up, it reads the ID of your service provider from your SIM card and writes to a file (in your android phone). When you visit Google Market, then this file is read by the market to decide which Apps to offer you.

Even some free apps which are available to rest of the modern world, are not even shown to us.

Solution: How to get invisible Apps ?

1) If you have a SIM card (of course it will not work here) from some other country like any european country, simply insert into your Android phone and use your Wi-Fi to browse the market. You will even see paid apps there.

2) There is a trick to fool the Google Market, by modifying this internal file (containing your Network provider ID) to fake some other Network's ID. For this, jsut goto Google Market and look for "Market Enabler" app. It requires a ROOTED Phone. It is free, just install it. Run it and you will have a list of other service providers like T-Mobile and many more. Select any one by long pressing it and select "Fake this provider now"

You will see a whole different Google Market now.

You must be wondering why the hell "Market Enabler" is available in Google Apps Market, well I leave this upto you to find out why....

Enjoy your Android phone....


One more thing: I experimented and saw that Market Enabler alters the MNC codes in your APN list... you could try altering those manually (if you know them) and see if it has the same effect.

But then - other things will stop working for the time being (such as location - cell IDs may be the same in different countries so it does a country-level lookup too).

I could be wrong though; it's just a thought.



I have Samsung Galaxy S running Froyo, and I use Market Enabler and my Latitude is always on. I did not notice any such problem. Location (apparently) does not use that file (which contains your Network ID, it is only used by Apps Market).

Yes, of course you can alter the Network ID manually to make Google Market think you are on North Pole :-)