Zong going to launch ZoNGRoid!


its been 3 days now i've been playing with the phone. Batter life does suck! with WiFi on all time and GPS as well for maps - the battery only lasts about 18hrs.

Build quality is ok. Certainly not bad, however is all plastic - no metal. Screen is too small for my taste. Its my first droid phone & i find it hard to type on the small screen. Reading stuff on websites also sucks. Also cant find MSN Talk in Market. or any other popular VoIP App - one of the primary reasons i bought this phone!


Zong should first try to improve upon their pathetic slow edge/gprs. Theoretically edge can deliver 236 but zong's edge seems to be delivering 23.6kbps. Moreover, no body at zong's customer services center seems to have a clue of how to configure the device(htc desire) for MMS.

Stupid, incompetent characters.


^btw what ever speed is theoratically documented, you aren't suppused to consider that you would get full of it. And i guess you were about to mention the transfer speed as 23 which you see while downloading something, if i am right and you are actually seeing 23 as transfer speed then it is 23KB/s(kilo bytes per second) but not 23kbps(kilo bits per second) which is good at bandwidth for edge 236kbps(kilobits per sec). You should know about the difference between two different representations if that is the case. Otherwise the speeds vary from location to location and area to area.

Second, the network operators train their representatives to help you configure some thing on the devices which are widely and mostly used and are officially available in the market. You aren't suppose to get help from them about each and every device out their in the world. They are just helping agents trained for specific devices. Theh are not the experts, if they were experts then they will not be there to help you in that way you supose. Instead they give settings details in raw format, if you are so used to use such devices which aren't officially available in market then you should be good enough to manage those devices. Get the settings details and configure them manually on your HTC desire. Internet should be a usefull friend of yours to get help.


^ 1. Edge is supposed to provide more speeds than normal GPRS, but when you see a E icon on your screen and get 4-5 KB/s living in main city area, this is frustrating.

2. Desire is an Android phone and a ZONG CSR must know all things about an Android Phone because they are also offering an Android phone.

* According to my experience with ZONG CSR's they are mostly noobs and sometimes idiots. They put you on hold and continuously say "please line pe rahain" "plz line pe rahain" no matter how many times you confirm them that i am on line. In a normal 1 min hold , they usually say this 8- 10 times.

They usually don't know about any latest offers, so they always have to check it on their Computers with &*^%^&* slow connections.


^you must re-read the text I said with the clause "if i am right" about what he said.

And I didn't talk about specifically about some noobs at their help center. I just explained the fact when and why do you get such replies from them. I will still say the same that they are not the experts. I will support your objection If you say that they weren't able to help you with the IDEOS (the Android phone) by Zong..... But I will not favor your claim that they should support you with any other Android phone. then whatever the device is. They wouldn't have much idea about all the Android versions, flavors, and network issued modified Androids...... And specially in Android not all the manufacturers give the same interfaces or same set of wizards in their devices, I hope you already know about that.

So to me logically, the CSRs(at any Operator) must not be supposed to be responsible for Platforms (as they are not technical. they are just helpers with pre-set values in their minds by technicals). If they help you in this regard, I would appreciate them. Even you will not be helped by them for any Nokia device which is not listed in their supported handsets list. They don't call it Symbians or Java based categories. They just use names of the Models. This should be you, good enough to differentiate between the models and use a set of instructions what you think is good for your handset.

I remember when I was facing some issues with GPRS/MMS on Nokia E52 and this specific device wasn't listed in front of him but he could see E72 and E51. He was gonna send me general settings but I asked him to send me the settings for E51.

BTW I don't use Zong but I know how they deal with the customers, not only at Zong but at other Operators as well. But this wasn't like to blame others in each and every thing.... Some thing is there, you have to be yourself responsible for.

I don't know why I am arguing on this because I know every one out there thinks to be so geeky but when it comes to NO-WAY-AROUND, they start blaming others being responsible for something. If you think you are good enough, why don't you feel a bit of you responsibilities? Any ways. this has to be fixed some where.


I was not talking specifically, i am a post-pay user and with free helpline in past i even called 15 times to the helpline about some GPRS and billing issues in a single day and all CSR were nearly alike!

and if they are not supposed to be responsible for Platforms, they should forward your call to the technical staff or do some call back stuff. Because its their responsibility to meet the customer needs!


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its been 3 days now i’ve been playing with the phone. Batter life does suck! with WiFi on all time and GPS as well for maps - the battery only lasts about 18hrs.

Build quality is ok. Certainly not bad, however is all plastic - no metal. Screen is too small for my taste. Its my first droid phone & i find it hard to type on the small screen. Reading stuff on websites also sucks. Also cant find MSN Talk in Market. or any other popular VoIP App - one of the primary reasons i bought this phone!


I have downloaded both nimbuzz and fring and they are working fine on ideos with my wifi !

btw are voIP voice calls jittery with the 2g services like gprs/ edge or are they alright on these connection?



Yep you can surely ask them to transfer your call, if they don't remember to do that...

Any ways. I always ask them to transfer me when they couldn't able to solve some thing, mostly they do it themselves if they have support for the said device. but I do it only if I've done with every thing I could do.

But it will still not justify the statement that they really have to help with each and every mobile device which is even not officially available or officially supported. but if they do support for them I'll appreciate for that.

///we should leave that discussion//////

I just have read the HTC Desire's User Guide. According to the guide the device supports automatically setting up the GPRS/MMS settings when you first start the phone, based on your SIM card. Also it can be started later after if you've skipped that wizard. Did you guys try that?

There should even not be any trouble setting the values manually after getting them from a good working handset. After doing this hassle if the problem still persists then I mostly found the reason in the device itself (specifically if the the OS has been modified)


I wish they brought Huawei IDEOS X6 instead of Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Though IDEOS X6 hasn't been released yet, but it would have appealed more people including me.


I went to Telenor's franchise today to get a post paid connection and the sales rep confirmed that Telenor is also launching an Android based HTC phone in January that will cost Rs. 15000. I wonder which model that will be...


i just rooted my Zong Huawei U8150 IDEOS sucessfully, using SuperOneClick v1.5.5.

Took just 1minute.

On a side note i cant find Skype in market & when i try to download the file from skype.com/m i still get error "The requested item could not be found"

Also this phone is selling unlocked in Australia for just $159! Its selling like hotcakes over there.

Edit: just found latest Skype.apk file on rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/#!download|781tl4|430522084|skype.raider_v1_0_0_614.rar|6237

just downloaded and installed it. It's working perfect on my Ideos now. Sweet!


yeah weird I couldn't find skype either. Thanks for the link.


For those who are stuck on not being able to get MMS to work:

Well - before I continue, Pakistani SIM cards don't seem to work with Android-based phones in terms of picking up the settings automatically (well -mine didn't - I have an old djuice SIM though).

Anyway - in the access points, make sure you've got two different APNs set up.

In the last field "APN Type", for browsing, make sure it says "default". For MMS, make sure it says "mms" (capitalization doesn't matter). Each time you edit, make sure you save it (and don't just hit "back"). You should see a radio button next to the internet setting and nothing next to the MMS setting (select the GPRS setting by tapping on the radio button). Both GPRS and MMS should now work together.

Next time you receive an MMS, the GPRS will d/c and MMS will connect - you won't be able to use GPRS during that time.

One major downside: I read somewhere that the network needs to recognize the phone in order to send to you high quality MMS pictures, and if it doesn't, it downscales the pictures for really backward phones. This, unfortunately, is the case with my HTC Desire (which Telenor sometimes recognizes as the Nexus One and sometimes as the HTC Desire). The only thing you can do is tell your network to "recognize" the phone and fix the setting.


Dogar bro,

Thanks for the Skype APK, I was searching for it..

Can you tell me what are the advantages of rooting Ideos? Is there any chance I get this phone bricked during rooting process.

Also, How can I use other networks sim on my android handset.

Waiting for your reply...


Getting the Ideos Today :)


What's the benefits of rooting the phone?

Can I run flash on Ideos if I root it?

Please help me in this regard.


I thought i needed to root it to change its firmware - but its not necessary. However Rooting helps in running some apps and playing around with phone like overclocking it. The firmware that comes preloaded is for China and perhaps the reason some of the apps are not available in Market - such as Skype as they are banned in China. Australian IDEOS users have no such issues so better to use their firmware - U8150V100R001C191B822. Some Australian users also got locked phones & have reported successful unlocking through this site: http://www.unlock-tmobilepulse.com/.


^ Dogar I got my Ideos today, I find it very interesting but I also found out that there were so m any applications missing from android market. Can you please tell me how can I change the firmware on it ?


I have'nt done it myself yet; so either Google the firmware above or try the Australian forum Whirlpool - http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1559207&p=39


i bought the ideos 15 days ago from zong, as far as the phone is concerned it is awesome considering i only paid rs 16k for 100% bona fide smartphone, and if you look around the local market in this price range then all you'll get is garbage,

so i am extremely happy given what i got in this phone versus what i paid for it. it would be extremely foolish for someone to compare it with cell phone costing rs 30k plus.

i am extremelly unhappy thats its locked to zong, since i want to use telenor edge, which is so far the best edge service in pakistan.

like other members asking in this forum that if any of ideos owner in pakistan able to unlock this phone then please share your procedure. I AM REALLY EAGER TO FIND OUT IF THIS ZONG IDEOS HAS BEEN UNLOCKED SUCCESSFULLY IN PK AND ABOUT THE PROCEDURE. <<<---- since this is relevant to us 'cause all of us are only interested in this particular zong ideos phone, since we bought them.