Zong customer service down

zong csc is down in rawalpindi since morning. in the morning, i tried to check my balance, but i continuously got the response that the network was busy. in the evening i was on the mov in the city when my balance was finished. i tried to reload my account but despite my best efforts was unable to recharge my account. i tried to contact their cs through all posible means, they were also inaccessible.

My conclusion china maal china maal he hota hai.

I m also facing the same prob here in Multan. I think whole network is down.

Zong service already sucks and now this.

The service was so pathetic today.I wasn't able to send any friggin txt since morning and wasn't able to check my credit.I restarted my handset like billion of times but the txt's were all stucked.They should improve the quality of the service.Anyhow it started working now smoothly.