who has watched it?? i have searched on the net and downloaded it... i have read some foreign reviews and according to them it is a typical teen zombie slasher movie with all the cliches... but it is very entertaining and cheesy and a must watch... so i am gonna watch it now... will comment back later after i have finished


i will ask again... has anyone watched it?? it apears no one knows about it... it was released last year... it is a pretty good movie if you consider that it is made in pakistan


I saw it about 2 months back. The movie is cheesy as expected but the presentation and colors are good and is not what we normally see in regular Pakistani movies. It's an OK movie considering this is first attempt.


Can you give me the download link please!! :|


go to torrentz.com and search zibahkhana... download and enjoy... hope the moderators don't delete this post


Just saw the movie guys. It is a good effort especially for a Pakistani movie but......... very unprofessionally done. Only visual effects of blood and flesh are worth admiration. The concept has been stolen from the movie “wrong turn”. The cast is crap. The acting is ridiculous. Direction is amazingly poor. Full of technical flaws as well. For example in one scene, camera man’s feet are visible. There is a romantic scene in the movie which is by far the most ridiculous romantic scene ever. The film’s script might have been written by a robot, because it has very poor emotional value. As a whole 4/10 and 3 out of 4 are for the blood and flesh.


its out in islamabad DVD shops


The film is almost wholly based on Texas chainsaw massacre.

By the I like that chick ;) ... not the modern one but the other one :P


^ Yup. She was good. I mean she IS good.


Yes! the special effects were impressive for pakistani standards, nah i havent watched the movie just the trailer and few scenes


lemme find it on torrent!


well i watched it on DVD and for any classic horror fan its a must see, a terrific movie!


Finally watched it - wished I hadn't! Sucked very badly. No story, no sense of what was going on at all. Just some special effects and gore. Like they say koi sar paier nahin tha.



Man which dictionary do you use? I bet your dictionary translates the word "classic" as "extremely pathetic".

The movie is crap. Totaly Crap.


it was texas chainsaw massacre meet night of the dead

yes it was cheesy and ridiculous... but it comes in the category " it is so bad that it is good" ... the movie was supposed to be a b movie with a negligible budget ... the movie didn't try to be what it is not actually and was enjoyable yet extremely flawed but that is what it was supposed to be... read a lot of reviews here


self assassinator it apears you need to see a lot more movies to undestand what cinema really is


^ Me!! What did I say wrong?


no actually you were right in hating the movie... the thing is that avg. movie goer would say the movie is pathetic... the movie is a b-movie horror flick and it is supposed to be badly acted and poor in most ways... it is made that way... its only pourpose was to entertain and nothing else... not making any statements... cuz really if the director wanted a well acted movie he could have recruited a lot of known actors... the story line was meh.

but then again it was supposed to be a mindless movie


Even mindless movies need to have at least a basic story of what is happening, and why its happening.


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^ Me!! What did I say wrong?

you have not seen any B movies then i think. not everything is Saw and LOTR. Dig up some 70s slasher flicks and see what i mean. i dont blame you, almost no one in pakistan even know about the 70s slasher genre


^ Okay man! Chill!.....Why so serious?