Zabardast digital box!


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ali bhai u told that u are watching 144 channels on the digital box .i want to ask a question that can i watch utv network? plz answer and also know zee premier and zee action are coming or not?i really want to purchase this box


yar ali bhai no pogo no crtoon network :( mere chotay bhai b ahan tu ya he dekhta hain woh bhe i n urdu


johnny98 you asked the procedure to recharge the card .. procedure will be like you have to contact your cable operator he will call to MPC support to recharge that card which one oyu have ..


my cable operator is not providing me there any way to purchase this box .


i had gone mpc office(mashriq centre) to purchase box but they r providing box only for cable operator not for users any one know from where i get the box?


I think these cable providers are wasting our time by creating artificial demand. Despite of advertisement from their side, they are not making serious efforts to make this service available to large people. Its a contradictory that on the one side they are playing advertisement and on second end not providing the boxes. I am strictly condemn this action of cable operators. I've asked my cable operator but its more than two weeks and nothing is done about the STB.


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waqar bhai channel list is almost same which were posted earliar in this forum expect some minor changes and if u using kcs network then u will get pakistani chaanels like geo dawn tv etc and all the imedia movie channels


For the last few days, many of the digital channels have started showing a lot of disturbance, such as AXN, fashion tv, fashion one, star world HD. Also, WB channel which appears as Sony Mix in the list completely disappears in the morning along with ALL local channels and only comes back on late in the evening. Dubai one is also gone or still shows a lot of disturbance so its not watchable at all. And for the last day or so, frequency 842 is showing “failed” status when I do an auto-search, while other frequencies don’t have this problem. @alijokhio, do you get these problems as well?

And I don’t think it has anything to do with the type of cable they installed otherwise disturbance would be on all other channels as well. Other channels are all crisp and disturbance-free which clearly means that this is some sort of satellite issue at Solo’s headend or they need to retune these channels to fix these issues. Not very happy with the maintenance of their systems and would discourage people from paying a hefty price to get this box until they fix these poor quality of maintenance issues.

@Alexa, do you notice such issues as well? Also, why do the local channels disappear in the morning?


Looks like they just setup a website (blog) to try and market their digital box better:

Not sure if it's any use emailing them on the address given on the link above though.


johnny bhai i have told u earlier the problem is from your side or the cable provider in your area. i m getting all 144 channels crisp and clear the as u were saying that other channels are working fine is beacuse some freque r more powerful signals eg the channels on the frequenci 850 will show more signals thats why u r getting perfect channels from that frequence. u should complain your cable operator to fix the problem.


hey does it has AMC?


what is complete name of amc


Does it has Zee Smile?


yea it has zee smile.


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actualy johnny their is fault in your line i hope u r using rg7 wire there for u r having disturbince in these chaanels these channels which r having problem r from kcs own head end other channels like ocs r from solo headend u should talk to your cable operator and ask him to join your line from main loap i m also using kcs digital box i m getting 144 channels all r working great with no disturbence.


I just checked and the cable they installed says rg6 not rg7. Does it make too much difference? Also, they charged me Rs. 1000 just for the installation so they should’ve installed the right quality of cable. Alexa, can you shed some light on this? Is this what’s affecting my digital and analog reception?


yea i m sure this is the fault the cable they have instaled is not good enough 4 digital. they should have installed rg7 it certainly makes diffrenc


Thanks Ali, I will definitely call up my cable operator tomorrow and ask him because it's not just digital channels. I'm also getting very poor reception on Geo News on analog and that's not acceptable. It would've been ok if I had Geo News on digital but at least 1 or 2 frequencies fail on my digital channel search 842 and 850 and I think local channels are all on this frequency.

I don't think they're going to replace the cable to rg7 at their expense though at least not very easily. Can you do me a favour and tell me what your signal intensity and signal quality values are on the digital box? For instance, the max values I get on the strong frequencies like 435 are:

signal intensity: 79%

signal quality: 90%

That's the max but these frequencies give crisp and disturbance-free results.


Also Ali, how much did KCS charge you for installation and did they charge you anything extra for the rg7 cable?


frequ of 435 is same as yours signal intensity 79% and signal quality is 90 and on frequency 842 and 850 and 858 the signal intensity is 76 % and signal quality is 90%


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frequ of 435 is same as yours signal intensity 79% and signal quality is 90 and on frequency 842 and 850 and 858 the signal intensity is 76 % and signal quality is 90%

In that case, it’s probably not the fault of rg6 cable because from what I’ve read about rg6 and 7, there’s not too much difference between the two. Maybe it’s just a problem of the signal reaching my local cable operator’s end so that they get a weak signal which is why these last three frequencies don’t show up. In any case, thanks for the info. I will ask my cable operator.


bhai johnny apne cabel wala ko bolo power full amp[lifier laga apne end ma jo digital singla support karay aur rj7 cable aur rj6 ma kafe farq ha

i had rg6 cable aur us ka reception kafe kharba tha jab rg7 purchase kaa tu sare chanel crystal clear ho gayaya