i am currently using ghost vpn its working perfect for me.

1) you can use for playing youtube videos (best and secure option)

2) free vpn from various sites for example , , (nice but insecure option)

3) hotspotshield its going slow now a days

4) A webproxy like >> <<its fast and secure


chalo isi baat par japhii and pappi?


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Asalaam o alaikum

how do u guys use youtube?

it was working with https for some days and now i cannot view utube.

i dont want to use spotflux and hotspot i heard these software kill system.

So please guide me some reliable way for accessing utube i m ready to pay few $ as long as its reliable solution.



Zemate plugin of google is the best one, with no adds you can use your utube much confortable


A.O.A Dosto there is one more site which is the alternate of YouTube i like this more than other tubes, no need any VPN just play any YouTube Video