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Really for CNG? Damn.


yes for free cng ! lol


World's slimmest TV and Smartest TV Ad



woman with 2 vaginas


Need your 5s to watch this


lol is this commentator Mansoor Ijaz?


crazy lawyers :D


Lawyers or Liars?? :rolleyes:





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Hmm nice…!


dedicated to all active users


What software do you use? Adobe after effects?


^ yes AE


yar you people didn't respond to my video. Is this Mansoor Ejaz as a commentator?


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^ yes AE


Fantastic yo…

I want more. :)


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yar you people didn’t respond to my video. Is this Mansoor Ejaz as a commentator?


Na man we have better options like porn etc.


@Imran: Yeah, confirmed by the man himself:


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@Imran: Yeah, confirmed by the man himself:…st-1306699.html


Got it

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“I did this as a favor for my wife’s best friend, whose planned actor for the part did not show up for the shoot that day,” Ijaz said in a telephone interview with AP from an undisclosed location. He said the video shoot took place in Brussels and that there was no other person available with an American accent.

I was never present for any part of the video where those naked girls were shown. My wife was present at all times.


LoL Imran, I didn't realize that you had posted another vid.... I actually replied to that cheap mujra vid thinking you wanted to be commented on that one.

Ok.... is this the same ijaz whom was frequented on TV few days back with regards to hussain haqani case?