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She has been sued by FHM. FHM said that all her photographs are real and were shooted after her consent. Shame on you Veena. Yo !@#$% are lying after earning millions of Indian rupees.


who cares yar, she did what she did. her choice case closed

- did she break any pakistani law? nopes she didn’t. 'cause she didn’t do that stuff in pakistan. but pakistanis are hell bent on inventing new laws just for Veena to prosecute her <---- hmmm perfect example of banana republic with lots of idle time on hand…

- she did that in india so did she break indian law? nopes she didn’t, its legal in that country

- is FHM mag is marketed in Pakistan? nopes its an indian edition of international FHM which is suppose to be for indians only. so why the heck pakistani media/public is digging that magazine on internet when something is not meant for pakistan at all and making it personal.


^ true!!! we shouldn't be worry about our cntry dignity or take it serious even if she shots for playboy mag ;)

i don't like new Youtube layout its so bad looking, do you guys have any idea or link to go back to its old design???


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i don’t like new Youtube layout its so bad looking, do you guys have any idea or link to go back to its old design???


I also do not like new look of YouTube. They also have changed the color of Tube from red to maroon. I hope, you people have observed it: ^_^


:( :frowning: i think there is NO turning back now they made it permanent :( :frowning: :(


This often happens when road becomes 'black ice'.


its so hilarious


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its so hilarious


When a man has no ambition in life, he does such things.



If you've seen Rocky series, you'll love this :P


Mirage 2000 ftw :)


eat burgers and fu-ck *****




Hats off to Europeans :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Watch This Europeans Fu*ked Americans in a TV SHOW


clarkeson hates america


Iraqi restaurants :lol:


Jeremy FTW


Americans are the most stupid nation in the world. They are being fooled for two centuries and they do not even know about it. All they know is how to do sex in a new pose.


Epic battle between a basketball thrower and a frisbee genius!

Meanwhile somewhere in the capital city of Phakistan.....


Really for CNG? Damn.