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From sand to chip - How a CPU is made


its quite confused Watch Discovery tv show how its made for easy explanations



I'm not a basketball fan ever, but when I get to see shots like this I get amazed

thousand words

(award wining short movie at Vimeo)




what is your youtube channel can you link me to it i want to see your nice work there




^what is the criteria for qualifying?


why youtube background page turned into black is anyone else facing this?





its very easy to do with sony vegas

HD footage

Green screens

and lighting equipments


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Earthhour! Youtube is celebrating earth hour today.

There is no criteria for this. If you are lucky and among thousands of channels, they select your channel. then it’s your luck. Once the channel is selected, they start keeping an eye on the work, the user is performing on its channel. They thought I deserve this feature so, they provided me with it. Now, I am able to upload infinite length videos on this channel but I would stick to the basic purpose of this thread, i.e. exploring our culture, our oldies. The same feature is provided to a number of other channels, and some more features which still I do not have.


Congratz dude, what’s your channel called?


ptv Bad times :lol:


This is a must watch :D


nice youtube channel @neoclue




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Videogentleman ;)


din you see this?