Youtube object moved error....PTCL issue or something else?


i am facing a strange issue, when i click on any youtube link it says object moved here and link take to youtube home....

googled it a bit

and found that problem is only being faced by Pakistanis , who are using PTCL.... anyone facing the same issue?

Is it error in Shitty PeeTCL DNS or again some sort of stupidity by PTA... ??


It now solved.


i am still facing the issue, embedded videos are working though.


Its not solved.. am also facing this since morning.


^ so what do you think is it error in Shitty PeeTCL DNS or again some sort of stupidity by PTA... ??


Not solved yet, I am getting this annoying error from past few days. I am using PTCL with OPENDNS


No problem here, with OpenDns.


now working ok. I am using ptcl.


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No problem here, with OpenDns.

I got this one on OpenDns and GoogleDns too, :( may be something wrong at Google’s end?


its giving same on both DNS either it be PTCL's or google. And today its irritating even more.


The error is PTCL specific and probably most of gateway servers are screwed up leaving youtube pretty much useless. DNS Change does not have any effect. No one is listening from PTCL end.


Google dns is also giving this damn problem.. lets try open dns :D


^ i found a way... :P

click on link, when it takes you to error page, click on any bookmark, then click back , it is working for me 80% times ;):P


^^ working Thanks man :D


Well im not having that problem as you described

I am having problem when i am using IE and only when i try to open a video in a new tab other than that

no problem in any other browser


^ Use firefox :)


Add https…


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^^ working Thanks man :D

u r welcome ;)

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Add https…


good, but mine tweak is even simpler :P


Issue resolved by PTCL. Youtube working normal for the last 24 hours now.


yeah it is resolved... working for me too.