Your Most Favorite Cellphone/Smartphone

You would have used many different cellphones/smartphones but one of them was your most favorite. Which was it?



Imate Jam....

iPhone :D

Nokia E90 red color



N958GB its cooooool

Imate sp5m (upgraded WM 6.5)

i a using it since more then 2 year and it is a great fone ,

Nokia 5800 XM


HTC Touch

samsumg g600

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Nokia 5800 XM

My favourite as well. :)

HTC PROPHET (WM 6.1) (aka I-Mate Jamin)

Wow! yar! All seem to be rich people here..... I was in love with n73 and I still am.

nokia 3310

Nokia N93 and HTC Touch diamond ... Superb phones.

HTC Tytn and TyTn II

2nd option SE Xperia

yar nobody have been using cheaper cell phone :) ... ?? can someone even think of pakistani nation to be poor , NOWAY ... anywz bahiuo I have been using Nokia's cost-effective modles ... like nokia 3410 , 8310 , 1110 , 1112 , and now 2600-classic none of these did cost more than 6000 Rs ...

apart from this .. i would say its a very gud thread but i wish to request any of the member who does have gud knowledge of cell-fones to start a thread for most cost-effective and durable cell-fones . and each post in such thread should carry the information about the cell-fone which could easily be afforded by a common man.

and one more thing ... posts should not contain just the Brand and the modle numbers like in this thread ... Rather each each new post should contain the comments by one who have him/herself used the cell-fone ... coz this would be the true information regard a particular cell fone ..... not just only the advantages that all of us can find one different commercial sites and most of the forums ....

Thread can be Named as " Cost-effect cell-fones " aor Cheaper cell-fone . or whatever the experts suggest ... i cant mange such thread coz have a very little knowldege abt cell-phones ...

hope any of the member shall come forward ...

I also like the first phone, that is, the first cell phone of my life, and that is, Nokia 1100. Its not a smart phone though but its a good cell phone with all basic phone functionalities. Remember Nokia 1100 has also been agood phone. I like it. I read somewhere that this is one model from nokia which has been sold the most worldwide.