Yay! my website got hacked!

hi i was transfering my website from one server to another server which was still under construction , my new hosts were kind enough to offer this website transfer service for 100% free , now i dont know how my website can get hacked heres link to my website :

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its injected by some one known as Ghost of Iraq , now dont know what was a reason to hack my this little website which was in its first phrase of development , although i will change the name servers of domain instantly but i am currently sorting out a reason for it ,

my new offshore server is located in india and i am worried may be theres a cultural revenge taking place ....


heres a preview of my underdevelopment website at new server :

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^ Hahahhahaha I just remember the day when Indian cid website was hacked. There was a similar. Man I never knew Iranians have brains. Why don't they use to attack USa websites. Anyways may be you was hacked because you work for goras and get paid in dollars lol.

^ hahahah

yeah satan you remember when i showed you this website few weeks back i was developing it , dont know what some one will get to hack this website , only me my old host and my new host support guys knew thi info .... lol

how hard is it? script kiddies??

kya zamana agaya hai musalman musalman ki website hack kar rahe hain


i was developing that with Joomla CMS , and there wasnt any security at all as website was under construction , i own many websites and admit some have explict content but what was wrong with this website ??? it only had few pages and few content ..... :D

heres a trail to hackers group who attacked the index.php

websiteis :

http://1800550.net/ (which language is this? )

some proofs :



^ The language is Hebrew.

^ amazing i think that national language of israel ,

i just reloaded the backup , website is live but i am attaching the image of old status so new readers can preview the hacked condition:

why you going so gaga over it? :D

^ man thats my first website ever which got hacked :D

"Muslimian" :o

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^ man thats my first website ever which got hacked :D

lucky :D

b thankful to hacker as he treid to publicize u :P

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^ man thats my first website ever which got hacked :D

i bet if it was a fully functional website you had be wishing it was never hacked

My own website got hacked 3 times at least yet. Twice it was some issue with some folder permissions. ONe of those times was when I shifted hosts.

^ my configuration.php file was edited , because permissions were 777 as website was under development .

once my site was hacked just because of a .il domain(site was related to jewish community) was hosted on the server. and the whole server went down.

That's hilarious you're cheering that your site got hacked.. the novelty will wear off if it happens again and you have to spend hours cleaning up the mess and checking if the hacker did more than just deface your website.

Might I recommend that you protect any areas that are under development with at least .htaccess protection? :)

Keep in mind too that it's not always obvious when you get hacked. Someone can leave code in your site to try to hack into your site visitors using your website to do it leaving the hacker potentially anonymous.

Still - that's the first time I've seen someone happy that they've been hacked, lol.

^ hahaha welcome to wiredpakistan cliffdodger actually website was under construction , i was wondering why someone will hack that website , i restored the website within few hours after it was hacked , thanks alot for suggestions i will keep in mind .htaaccess next time :)