Yahoo messenger help


Hello to all,

can anyone tell me how to boot other people on yahoo room, i googled a lot, found many softwares but they all or trojans or viruses and not working, can anyone tell me.

1. How to boot other members ?

2. What are minimum requirements for booting (speed of net connection etc..)?

3. Where to get working softwares for booting?

4. Who are they peoples in yahoo rooms who make multiple id with same name like

raheem,raheem1,raheem2,rahee3 and so on

5. Where to get all yahoo messenger tools like checking person status who is online or not and many more?


can you please tell why you want to boot other members?

make friends at yahoo

1 they'll tell you this

2 they will tell you minimum req for speed

3 they will share websites with you

4 they will tell you also this

5 for checking status for tools


^^^then what you will tell if all things will tell by" them"


me wil tel.



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me wil tel.



can u guide me wrt booting