Yahoo Mail integration with Outlook 2002


Is there any method or software that could help me download my email into outlook express.

I have tried Ypop! but unable to work in Outlook2002.

Thanking you all in advance.

^ AFAIK, you'll have to upgrade your Yahoo! Mail by purchasing Yahoo! Mail Plus. I don't know the current rates but it will be around $15 or $18 for a year. After upgrading to Mail Plus, you can use Outlook (or any other email client) to download emails to your computer from Yahoo's POP3 server.

Or you can try to use Mozilla Thunderbird and some add-on to download Yahoo Mail into Thunderbird without purchasing the upgrade. (I haven't yet tried it and it might be buggy).

Download ypop and use according to instruction provided and you can use your outlook or outlook express to use yahoo as pop.

Either pay to Yahoo or switch to GMail or Hotmail for POP access.

Why to use Outlook or any other software when you can do emails with ?

hmmm. You cannot compare web based emails with the ones stored on your system. Web based system has many limitations. I have always preferred POP3/SMTP and IMAP over web.

Gmail is best in imap, I am using it. can let you access your mail via pop without any charges but you must define you in UK