Yahoo Booting?

Hello guyz today i went to yahoo room and i started to get boot. If i dont go to yahoo room messenger remains connected but as soon as i join a room yahoo messenger get disconnected can any body know how can i stop this booting.

badmash dudes normally have a lot of time:D



i dont remember when last time i heard the word CHAT

Actually i never do chat but sometimes when nothing is amusing i do go to chat rooms but today when i was there was geeting signout problems i thought that the problem is with yahoo server but then i came to know about booting now i need to know how to stop as on google there are alot of applications but i dont wana try bcoz i know most of them will be containg trojan so i need some good software recommended by the tech guruz

man make another id......

first download original version of YTK

after install replace crack with original YTKE.exe

crack download links

Can any of you try mig33 for chat on mobile. I m using it from last three years and never get bore from it

U cn get its messenger from