XtremeMac Tuffwrap™ Ipod and Iphone silicone skins(the BEST ones)

Hey guys i got a couple of Brand New packed

ipod classic/video and Iphone 2G and 3G XtremeMac tuffwrap skins available...i got these from the US

This is the only ipod/iphone case that wont add any weight or size to ur Apple product...kepping it extremely secure and protected while maintaining its sleek style...

these are the most stylish cases around...and not those cheapo cases that u will find in hafeez centre basement...much much better(im saying this with personal experience)

here are the reviews...

Review: XtremeMac TuffWrap iPhone Case | Geek.com

and the official link...

Tuffwrap™ for iPhone: Durable silicone case with Tuffshield™ screen protection

as u can see it retails for $20 there im selling these at a really really good price...

Tuffwrap™ for ipod classic/video goes for Rs 800.

Tuffwrap™ for iphone/itouch goes for Rs 1000.








so there u go guys lemme know which one u want via PM or reply to this thread....im already selling them at a very cheap price so wont negotiate....

Do you have for the iPod Touch 2g?

And how will you deliver, Im in Islamabad

From their site its this one


im in lahore and ill courier it to you at ur cost...as soon as the payment is confirmed...u can send me a postal money order cause this is a small amount...text me on 03214423110....yes i think i have it in stock...text me so i have ur number...ill call u and confirm stock...90% sure i have it..and its with the tuffshield protector...

waiting for ur text..



Dude sharjeel i need that iphone one, how much is tat for ?

yar uper likha hua hai...iphone one is for rs 1000...

if interested leave me ur cell number in this thread....

and guyys read the whole thread above....

Cant I just send you some cell credit (balance?)

And can u please confirm if you have the iPod Touch 2g, (not iPhone, they are DIFFERENT)

Once u do, then Ill call you, or msg you


yaar i might confirm but only if we are talking cash payment..cause no i wont take mobile balance

I can pay in cash (or however you want), but first i need you to confirm yo have ipod touch 2g cases

Then ill call/msg you.

wazim bhai ill confirm u tomm abt 2nd gen itouch case...ok? if available...its a sure shot deal?

Yea, if you have then its a good deal. BTW It would be nice if I could have your email/mobile number.

i already gave u my cell number above 03214423110 and text me b4 calling saying that u are wazim or i wont pick up...