XP installation Problem

I have a laptop HP Pavilion DV5. which have vista by default.

After some days i want too use a windows XP.

but there are some errors which stop the installation.only XP make installation problem.


It would be helpful if you could tell us the problem and what error its giving. If i told you my car isnt starting, what solution would you give to that. Also this does not belong in the buy/sell section.

u contact me i solve your problem

okz the all files are copied but when the system is reboot then call an error.like this.

system *P0000000099 i wasnt rememberbut like this .and then below some error detail is also given.

buy another cd of xp from the local market

i also done this but the same problem..is every Cd is corrupt??

I'd recommend to go back to vista, if your default os was vista, there is a chance that xp will have driver incompatibility problems.

okz i will chck this if there is no other solutio then i will goo back too default windows.

Did you tried any other operating system. there could be problem of some files which need to be placed during installation, as bydefault installed operating systems show error "no hard disk" during installing older version of operating system.

format all of your driver and make new partitions and then install xp :)

yes i also done this ..but the same problem is there.

^ you should have googled before doing so,,,,,,,

i've downgraded my vistaa to xp on my dell 1525. it is quite easy, however not works without some changes,u have to make before installing previous version of windows ,,,

tell me if ur laptop has SATA drive? if yes

i'll tell u the procedure

yeah i chck this my laptop has a sata type soo tell me the procedure as u said.!!!

first of all make a new partition,,,, like i made of 60GB D,E,F or watever using partition software .... insert xp cd;;; then restart your computer,,,,,

run BIOS setup (boot menu) by pressing the key which ever is said on start up.. then come to

On Bord Devices and then SATA OPERATIONS ,,,, factory default operation would be AHCI,,, change it to ATA ,,,,, like below


on booting order ,,,, make first booting device CD ROM ...

save settings and exit...

now install window normally in the new partition you have made ,,,, (dont worry it is not necessary that u must put window in C , i've made in D)

and you are done :)

keep in mind when u are done, windows vista will still exist in ur C,, but u cant use it now...

You are supposed never to change SATA operations to AHCI again ,,,, remain on ATA forever,,, if u selected AHCI your both will be disabled, and u will have to install again,,, on ATA you can install VISTA again,, however on AHCI xp cant be installed .

if u want VISTA back just insert DVD and recover window :)

i suggest u to collect all drivers of ur laptop for xp ,,, i got DVD with my laptop :)


thanks dear. i will chck this.

change the damn pirated cd sold in pakistan..

huu soo fuunyy...u tell me very stupid answer. u think that i didnt doo this. dnt post this stuff of answer.

so have u got downgraded??? if u find any difficulty regarding it i will be pleased to guide you.

yet there is no diffculty..i solve this problem according too as brother told me.soo dnt wruy