Xbox360 Arcade & Flashing Price

How much does Xbox360 Arcade usually cost here and what does it cost to flash its dvd drive if its from somewhere abroad. And can they flash or hack the latest xbox360 arcade(with lite-on drives and Jasper) in Pakistan now?


I owned every single console.The best one's XBOX 360 and PS3.XBOX LIVE on xbox 360 is far better then Playstation Network.But in Pakistan XBOX LIVE cannot be used because of the Modified XBOX 360.For Xbox Live xbox 360 must be original.XBOX 360 AND PS3 have same graphics and game titles,only a difference of 2 or 3 games.But with new XBOX 360 update many new features has been added,such as game can be copied into the hard disk,reducing the CD reading noise But game CD must still be in xbox 360 to prove xbox that you have the game.Otherwise Without gameCD xbox wont play the copied game.The most biggest change in the update is the MENU which has became 3D with much high defenition.

While PS3 has also been improved with the many new features,such as AVATAR CREATIONG SAME AS XBOX 360,then NEW things and addition of google earth in PS3 and internet browser upgrade for PS3.

Xbox 360 RED RING OF DEATH has also been removed.

Xbox 360 arcade games are increasing DAY BY DAY.


Contact me if ever needed my email to contact is

and on yahoo will post the games AND UPDATE CD to your provided address.

Take care.