Www.Rulzdenied.com (techy forum to give you all anwers)



forum to give you all answers for any new software, pc problems, new techz, h@cking etc. any thing needed ??

newbies can become masterz and thats what we want to spread knowledge

sure u ll get ...............

do try much free premium stuff.

thnks have a good day

check out

CHeck your website. Its not working :D

by the way can we use your hacking tips to hack your website ???

^haha. 'We serve free service to mankind'

"Internet Master"!

sory spelling mistake was there now check it again brothers

and listen u can not h@ck it ........................................................................try all ur best


m friendly if u are frndly..... and bhaiyo Do good have good ur forum is also nice

^ Your weird.

LMAO. Mankind will forever be obliged to you.

can i hacker forum prophiles?

i want to hack specter's wired pakistan profile .. please haaaalp .. haaalp F1, F1, F1

by the way, the title says .. (TEchy forum to give you all anwer), does this guy anwer part of the team?

First of all there are too many spelling/grammer mistakes in your forums. Also the Admin Super Hacker seemed a bit biased, there was one thread where a person asked advice regarding XpressMusic 5130 and asked for other Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones in the same price range. The Admin replied by saying 'first of i want to tell u that nokia is the best company other then all..' which is quite arguable(Walkman is known for its SQ). Maybe it bothers me more as I side with Walkman.


Didn't saw that before

I didn't learn much about "hacking" there, but I did learn many words and spelling that were "missing" in my Oxford English dictionary :P

I just visited rulzdenied forum for the first time ONLY to find-out that its another noobs forum...

@wampyr lol, so true.