WTS : xfx GTS 250 , Full Warranty

Exchange Possible with 9600/9800 GT

Bought on 2nd April 2009 , almost full warranty

Bought for 16000/-

Accessories still packed , full boxed and never overclocked at all

Due to recent drop down in prices have to suffer a loss

Demand : 14500/-(only little negotiable for genuine buyers )

Contact : 0333-5657220

email : kashif99048 (at) msn.com





Don't you mean bought on 2nd April 2009

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Don’t you mean bought on 2nd April 2009


you wrote bought on 2nd April 2008, that means its been used for 1 year, but it wasnt released then so u must have bought it on 2nd April 2009. Someone buying this card would think that its been used for a year.

it was a mistake ...fixed


its DDR3...

please lock topic please , not selling for the time being

Reason : Ridiculous offers