WTS: WD 500 Gb hard 16 mb buffer

I have a hard disk of 500 gb sata , but its head has some problem , i checked it from hafeez center , they said that head kharab ho gaya hai .

when i attach that hard to my pc , current come in it , it shows it for a while and when it gets heat up then it disapperas from my computer. I am selling it jaise hai , coz i have bought new one as i cant live with out hard .

SO this one is spare for me and want to sale it as it is. If any one is interested then let me know and u offer the price for it.

I am in lahore and i will prefer to sale it here

Kindly email me at abrarnaeem85 @ gmail.com or sms me at 0321-4465985

well i guess you cant sell it as this is a dead disk.

i m giving a suggestion bcz i also had once a 160 gb HDD with the same problem , just invert the HDD and start using the same.

HDD ko ulta fit kar do , jo monogram wali side hai usay neechay ki taraf kur k fit karo , it will work insha ALLAH

try it :)

are u sure that it will work permanently ? I will give it a try today and let u know what happens

actually i have no idea k hard k sath asal masla kya hai , if u know k it can be repaired , please let me know from where it can be repaired . May be then i will not sell it

it is working now , thats great . thanks nadeem5476

^ It won't last long. The failure is already there and continuous use will aggravate the problem until it stops working all together.

can it be repaired ?

Not feasible. Just get a new one.