WTS WD 250GB Passport , Portable USB HARD DRIVE

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i cant use urdu , but i have to say , tum nay layee hay hdd ki.

i have just used that hard drive for mobility

the stuff in the list is sized more than 800GB , i have copied that stuff to DVDz[if you have realised the numbers mentioned , these are w.r.t DvD number ]

i have 430GB HDD in my PC and 100GB in laptop

wana exchange with 160GB WD + some cash ??

how much u asking for it?

7000 rupees sir

What's the difference between your's (is it WDC2500?) and the WESTERN DIGITAL 250GB PASSPORT ESSENTIAL (WDME2500), which costs 7000 brand new?! (source: galaxy.com.pk)

i m giving a give away of 250GB data of ur choice

Where is the HDD located please? And what if I don't want to have anything on the HDD, what would be the price then?

HDD is in islamabad

i will make it 6500 for you

...and your purchase date please?

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…and your purchase date please?


Can we talk on the phone? You can call me on 03217752587 or you can give me your number.

sent you my number ...and tried to call too but you didnt answer

maybe we should chat instead. its funny but i cant seem to find where i wrote my ptcl unlock codes ... lol.

if you can come on msn msgr please? my id is nabeelimran (at the rate)hotmail (dot) com

i told you i could call you ,

reserved for imran nabeel

thx :)

can u pls tell me if this hdd is ide or sata?

wah .....lol

its USB my friend ..it has the same data transfer rate as any other 5400rpm hard drive , besides everything its factory USB , not altered , quite safer than those which people manually put in a HDD case

hmmm, looks like YOU didn't get the point. I know that it has a mini-usb connector on the outside but I want to know what kind of hard drive is in it. Is it a SATA HDD or an EIDE one?