[WTS]various pc stuff for sale

ok ... lots of stuff for sale ... im in grave need of cash ... all this stuff has been imported personally from the UK .... rare items ... dont want to .. but have to sell em .. ok here goes:

1) BT Voyager 105 ADSL USB modem

USB DSL modem for laptops and pc. draws power from USB port. no external power needed . works fine with local isps. tested . has ports for DSL and USB.

pics :


price : Rs. 600

2) 4 port NAT switch (unbranded):

simple NAT switch . can be used for sharing one ip on 4 pcs or more , plus printer sharing and COM port for Modems. has a com port , printer port, 1 Wan port and 4 LAN ports



price : Rs. 400 SOLD SOLD SOLD

3) Speedtouch 330 ADSL USB modem x 2:

provides the same funtionality as the 1st item. draws power from USB and has a USB cable and a port for phone line.

one is new with box and extra cord and splitter and one is just the USB modem



price: new:Rs. 800

used:Rs. 600

4) NetGear DG834PN all in one (ADSL, 108mbps wireless, 4 port lan switch):

netgear all in one solution for sharing ADSL over 4 Lan ports and wireless(108mbps).



price : Rs. 3200 SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!

5) BT Voyager 190 ADSL router (ethernet)

An ADSL router... has a port for ethernet and ADSL ... works fine on local ISPs ...



price: 1000

location: karachi (shipping to other cities on buyer's expense(cheap))

slight negotiation

contact: 0345-2093770


netgear sold .. rest still up for sale .... bump


I am interested in number 2. NAT is a function of a router and allows it to share an internet connection. Are you sure that your switch does NAT? Could you post more detailed specs? There are just a handful of manufacturers of network products so even unbranded products use their chips. Maybe if you google those details you'll come across more info.

i couldnt find the specs on google .. yes this switch does NAT .. thats why i wrote NAT switch ... i have used it on 4 pcs thru single dsl modem plugged into the WAN port ...and plus i shared a printer too using this switch ..

Where in Karachi do you live?

gulshan-e-iqbal .. txt me .. 0345-2093770

Faizy I am satisfied with the NAT switch. Your advice to reset it did the trick. Its working well now.

happy to hear that bro :) .. told u it works awesome .. i never give out wrong stuff...

NAT switch sold ... rest up for sale !!

Yeah thanks :)