WTS : UV Reactive Acrylic Casing


I've been posting to sell my casing on different forums.. so here goes on here as well ^_^

I am currently selling my Acrylic Casing.

The Casing in question is an exact replica of minus the fans and Cathodes.


Never been used before.

Demanding Rs. 6,000. (cheaper than original price)

I don't think i can ship it to Lahore or anywhere else, So Karachi users only.

I can throw in a UV CCFL for free..

Reason for selling, I need some cash for new PC ^__^

And Finally, This is a DIY Kit with instructions manual.. though it's pretty easy to assemble honestly.


5x 80mm Fan Slots (1 in front, 1 in back, 1 upwards and 2 on sides)

4x 5.25 Bay Slots

5x 3.25 Slots

2x Floppy Slots

(3.25 is interchangeable with 5.25 and floppy slots)

The Casing is UV Reactive and will glow under UV Light !


Price Lowered to Rs. 6,000


This is the casing btw:


although with 5x 80mm