WTS - TP-Link ADSL+Wi-Fi Router WT-8901G


Assalaamu 'Alaykum

Want to sell my TP-Link ADSL+Wi-Fi Router with 1 ADSL + 4 Lan Ports for 2500. Bought on 7th December 2010 and in Warranty. Please contact me at 03212419399



Whats your location and kindly attach images, otherwise i am afraid you are not following the B/S/T rules properly!


Location is Karachi. I will post the images soon InshaAllah. Right now I have sent it to the company to get it checked in warranty to get a confirmation that the device is working absolutely fine. I will get it by tomorrow this time InshaAllah. If still I am breaking the rules, please notify me Moderators and I will remove the post until I get the router back tomorrow InshaAllah


^ just to get an idea, what was your buying price?




Have u sold this or not. Kindly tell me the wi-fi speed and final price


No Pal not sold yet


I am intrested to purchase this...well wats ur finall price ??


plz mention ur final price then i'll contact to u on ur cell phn