WTS: TP-Link 108M Wireless Access Point

TP-Link TL-WA601G 108M Wireless Access Point

Link: http://www.tp-link.com/products/product_des.asp?id=116

Condition: Mint!

Demand: 2000/-

Reason: Not in use anymore.

Key features are its Wireless Mode:

AP Mode

AP Client Mode

Repeater Mode (WDS / Universal ) *Pretty useful for those who're looking to extend their WiFi Network Range.

Bridge mode (point-to-point / point to Multi-point)

AP+Bridge Mode

what is you mobile no.

i want to talk you on phone,

and in which city you are ?

Sent you in email, I'm in ISB

oh but i am in karachi #$%#

No yar TL-WR642G 108M(Extended range with detachable antenna) new price is Rs.2600.

You are selling second hand.

My offer is 1000. Wanna sell.

I don't think you read correctly, TL-WR642G is Wireless Router, and the one i'm selling is Wireless AP/Repeater. If you don't know the difference search online, I got it for 3200/- only few weeks old.

You're not bound buy whatever suits your pocket.

Then what is your final price.

I knew the difference repeater tu aus waqat fida ha when u have already AP.

u have still not replied my email.

^ Hey Nomi i sent you 2 emails yesterday, today are you sure you checked your inbox?

@asdaqamin, m8 price listed abov.

Yes i have been checking my Inbox. I just got ur one email yesterday in which u have asked if i received ur two mails or not. This time send me directly at nomi40 at yahoo.com


Make the price some negotiable I am ready to take in 15oo.

I am also in Islamabad.

Wat u say.