WTS : Steel Series Qck Heavy MousePad [MousePad]

SteelSeries QcK heavy is a monster among cloth mouse pads. Nothing less. It is a super-sized mouse pad made of a high quality cloth material with a specially designed non-slip rubber base which prevents the pad from sliding; no matter what surface the mouse pad is placed on.

It's important to notice the difference between SteelSeries QcK heavy and all other mouse pads from our SteelSeries product line. This mouse pad features extremely heavy thickness which results in a very unique feeling. While the mouse pad is much more soft and comfortable to touch, the height is also fairly massive, reaching a total of 6mm.

SteelSeries QcK heavy highlights:

XXL-sized cloth mouse pad

Heavy thickness eliminates uneven surfaces

450 x 400 x 6 mm / 17,7 x 15,7 x 0,23

It's Brand new , just opened for checking

Market Price is 2500

Expecting 1700 at least

Contact Info ;

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Kashif99048 (at ) msn .com

or forum PM


Want to trade an mx-500 mouse with it?

i wont pay more than 1500 for that, what you say?

@ ULTIMATE HERO : only if you are from islamabad i can make it 1600 for you

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Want to trade an mx-500 mouse with it?

i want to see the pic of the mouse

its got a few scratches, but who cares. Beats buying a brand new logitech for 2900. I've mailed the pics to ur email ad

"It's Brand new , just opened for checking "

this should seal the deal... he is like offering you seven hundred less on a new one... ofcourse you gotta check it yourself to see if he is true.... the mousepad is great.... anyone into counterstrike should definately buy it... always buy these pads new as steel pads deteriorate after a while...

it was a winning prize in LAN TOURNEY SO THIS CONCLUDES YOUR POST h4tEbr33d

any one who is willing to buy ?

My offer is still valid, but i am in karachi at the moment.

My offer is 1500 rs. I am in rawalpindi!

i just sent you an email MOHAA

Still Up for Grabs , MOHAA didnt Buy

price reduced to 1700