[WTS] speedtouch 576 and BT home hubs

selling 2 different wireless routers here ....

1) speedtouch 576

wireless router+DSL modem with one ethernet port..... just the router and the adapter....

price 1.8k

2) BT home Hub x2

which is a DSL modem, wireless router and VOIP phone. The firmware is the original from BT which means the DSL modem will not work with !@#$ ISPs. However, the firmware can be unlocked (which i can do upon buyer request) but the problem is that unlocking the firmware will make the VoIP/SIP feature useless. so in short, you have 2 options :

1) use it as a wireless bridge and phone for making recieving landline calls/VoIP calls and use your existing DSL router from your ISP for internet connectivity

2) unlock the firmware and use it as a DSL and wireless router. the VoIP function will become useless.

this too just the router and adapter..

price : 2.2k



contact: 0345-2093770