WTS : Samsung Galaxy S i9000 & HTC Sensation 4G

hey fellas.. I got two sets 1) Samsung Galaxy i9000 and 2) HTC Sensation 4G ,both are andriod supported.


HTC Sensation 4G .HTC sensation 4G is with complete accessories bought from USA by my brother.HE has just used it for 1 day hardly..Samsung got no box ,its with charger ,data cable.


HTC Sensation 4G.My demand is 47.5k (very little negotiable for serious buyers)

I bought Samsung from my friend in Peshawar,he bought it from abroad when it was newly launched and the box was left over there,my demand is 24.5k (very very very very little Negotiable) you won't find one in this range :)


Nope ..HTC is of T mobiles US ,so no warranty.. no warranty for Samsung.

Dealing method:-

hand to hand or buyers risk shipping after bank transfer

Location:- Abbottabad,Islamabad,Lahore

Contact Method:-

only PM on wiredpakistan.

Items condition:-

SAMSUNG i9000 .. 9.9/10

HTC Sensation .. 10/10 :)

Further information..

both are android supported .. galaxy is using 2.3.3 gingerbread and HTC sensation is having 2.3.4 (company updated) ,rest you can google about them.

Lastly,no offers in this thread.. simply PM me,ill reply you back over here.



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Guys sets are SOLD.Mods close the thread.