WTS : PS2 original games


ok, i've got 3 ps2 original games here with me which i want to sell

1)NBA street

2)ace combat

3)ATV off road fury 2

price-Rs. 700each

note-:these games will work on ps3 which have backward compatibility

interested parties can PM me, negotiation can be done :)

location-: karachi


bump ?


Good luck dude. Even i have around 5 original PS2 games but i dont think anyone would buy them atleast in pakistan because there are already pirated cd's availible in the market.

Put yourself in the buyer's position..


i would prefer if a person who owns a ps3 buys them off me, because ps3 games are not less than 2.5k, and if the person is really interested in buying them from me,i'll decrease the price :)


Ps3 games are quite more then 2.5K.. Just a few days back i bought Uncharted for 4600rs for the PS3. Anyway good luck though.

Plus not even all ps3's are backward compatible with PS2 games too. Anyway sorry for creating a discussion here.. You were trying to make a sale in this thread :D sorry about that.


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not even all ps3’s are backward compatible with PS2 games .



oh, and all the games are multi-player :)


alamode which orginal ps2 gmes u have?