WTS : Playstation 2 with a lot of Gamz n Accessories

Finally I have decided to sell all my stuff with PS2 which I collected in 9 years. for contact

PM me or email me on farhan19ali@gmail.com

or sms me on

Zero Tripple 3, three one double eight three zero nine

There are a lot of gamez with a lot of accessories

Condition of Playstation 2 and accessories u can see from pix

Price = if I count separately then there will be a huge price but for all thingz starting Bid is 13,000/=.

I am willing to sell all things in one go. Most of the gamz I bought for 100 and 90 Rs. Even if I only ask 40 Rs. For 1 game then only DVDs will cost around 5600 and in market Fat PS2 is more valuable then slim bcoz of durability and commercial use. so be reasonable in bidding.

U can copy n play gamz from Hard disk from HDD Enclosure i will give 10 gb hard drive with it also.


1. PlayStation 2 Fat Model 390004 (made in Japan) with Box and Manual, Condition 8/10, Lens Condition = Working and can read all scratchless Gamz it even read DVD-RW gamz which most PS2 don’t.

2. Sony AV Cable

3. AC Wire

4. Playstation 3 Hi-Definition Component Cable compatible for Playstation 2 also ( I bought this to play God of War 2 in hi definition, Condition is like brand new)

5. 2 original Sony 8 mb Memory Card

6. 2 Action Replay Memory Card Version 1 and 2

7. 1 Playstation 2 DVD Remote (Remote is working but cant remember whether it require dongle or not but on latest PS2 it runs without dongle)

8. 1 Original Multitap (for 4 Controllers)

9. 6 Playstation 2 Controllers 2 or 3 are Original Dual Shock and rest are 1st copies

10. 4 USB Controllers for Buzz Games. (Condition is like new)

11. Approx 140 Games DVD. Most of them are scratch less or with very minor scratches but easily playable, few are with some scratches and very few with a lot of scratches (condition and type mentioned against each game). and printed DVD, and printed DVD (rest u know), these are the terms used in market so I wrote them. Half quantity has DVD Covers while some hasn’t, (see the pix)

There are some Original Demo Discs (with Games n Vdoz) in the list which will be playable on Playstation 3 also



From this External HDD Kit u can play Copy Gamz on Hard disk n play from USB POrt of PS2 by USB Advance Software


Here is my Gamz Collection


S = Singaporean DVD mean with Silver media from back

M = Malaysian DVD means with Yellow bottom

O = Original DVD

1 = No scratches

2 = Very Minor scratches but easily playable

3 = Few Scratches

4 = Many Scratches

Title Name ===========CD Type==========Scratches Detail

1 Smack Down VS Raw 2006 ========M======= V-M

2 007 Every Thing or Nothing ========S======== NO-SCR

3 25 to Life ========S======== F-S

4 4 X 4 Evo 2 ========S======== V-M

5 7 Blades ========S======== F-S

6 ALIAS ========S======== NO-SCR

7 Alone in the Dark : The New Nighmare ========M======= V-M

8 Alone in the Dark 4 ========S======== NO-SCR

9 Barbarian ========S======== V-M

10 Batman : Vengeance ========S======== V-M

11 Bloody Roar 2 ========S======== V-M

12 Brian Lara Cricket ========M======= M_S

13 Burnout 3 : Takedown ========S======== V-M

14 Burnout Revenge (2 copies) ========M======= V-M

15 Cold Fear ========S======== V-M

16 Contra : The Shattered Soldiers =======CD-R====== NO-SCR

17 CRASH : Twin Sanity ========S======== V-M

18 Cricket 2002 (3 Copies) ========S======== NO-SCR

19 Cricket 2004 ========S======== V-M

20 Crush Hour ========S======== F-S

21 Dakar 2 ========S======== NO-SCR

22 Dark Cloud ========S======== V-M

23 Death to Rights 2 : Hell to Pay ========S======== NO-SCR

24 Devil May Cry 2 (2 Disc Game) ========S======== NO-SCR

25 Devil May Cry 3 (3 copies) ========S======== NO-SCR

26 Digimon Rumble : Arena 2 ========S======== M_S

27 Dino Crisis : Gun Survivor ========S======== NO-SCR

28 Driver : Parallel Lines ========M======= V-M

29 Driver 3 ========S======== NO-SCR

30 Dynasty Warrior 4 : Extreme Legends ========S======== V-M

31 Evil Twin : Cyorens Chronicles ========S======== V-M

32 Evolution Snow Boarding ========S======== NO-SCR

33 Extermination ========S======== NO-SCR

34 Fantastic 4 ========S======== V-M

35 Fatal Frame : 1 ========S======== NO-SCR

36 Fatal Frame : 2 ========S======== NO-SCR

37 Fatal Frame : 3 ========S======== NO-SCR

38 FIFA 07 ========M======= M_S

39 FIFA 2005 ========S======== F-S

40 FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 ========M======= M_S

41 Finding Nemo ========M======= T-M-S

42 Gallerians ASH ========S======== V-M

43 Gameshark 2 Version 4.1 ========S======== V-M

44 Gauntlet : Seven Sorrows ========M======= V-M

45 Getaway ========S======== NO-SCR

46 Ghost Recon : Advanced War Fighters ========M======= V-M

47 GOD of WAR ========M======= F-S

48 GOD of WAR 2 ======DVD-R====== NO-SCR

49 Gran Turismo 4 ======DVD-R====== V-M

50 Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories ========M======= M_S

51 Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas ========M======= V-M

52 Harry Potter : Goblet of Fire ========M======= F-S

53 HD Advance Version 2.0 =======CD-R====== T-M-S

54 Headhunter ========S======== F-S

55 Hot Wheels : Velocity ========S======== V-M

56 HULK ========S======== NO-SCR

57 Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown (2disc game) ========M======= NO-SCR

58 Incredible Hulk ========M======= V-M

59 Jackie Chan Adventures ========S======== V-M

60 Jet Lee : Rise to Honour ========S======== NO-SCR

61 King of Fighters ======DVD-R====== F-S

62 King of Fighters : Ultimate Match 98 ======DVD-R====== NO-SCR

63 King of Fighters : X I ======DVD-R====== V-M

64 King Of Fighters 2006 ======DVD-R====== T-M-S

65 King Of Fighters Maximum Impact ========M======= NO-SCR

66 Knights Hunter ========M======= V-M

67 LEGO : Star Wars 2 ========M======= F-S

68 LORD of the RING : Return of the KING ========S======== V-M

69 Man Hunt ========S======== NO-SCR

70 Marvel Nemesis : Rise of Imperfects ========S======== T-M-S

71 Matrix : Path of NEO ========M======= V-M

72 Max Payne 2 : The Fall of Max Payne ( 2 Copies) ========S======== V-M

73 Metal Gear Solid : SUBSTANCE ========M======= V-M

74 Midnight Club : Dub Edition ========S======== T-M-S

75 Minority Report ========S======== NO-SCR

76 Mission Impossible ========S======== V-M

77 NARNIA : The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe ========M======= V-M

78 Need for Speed : Underground ========S======== NO-SCR

79 Need for Speed : Underground 2 (2 Copies) ========S======== V-M

80 Need for Speed : Most Wanted ========M======= F-S

81 Need for Speed Pro Street ======DVD-R====== NO-SCR

82 Onimusha 3 : Demon Siege ========S======== F-S

83 Over the Hedge ========M======= T-M-S

84 Peter Jackson : King Kong ========S======== NO-SCR

85 Playastation 2 ops2m demo 42 Original (2 Copies) ====Original===== V-M

86 Playastation 2 ops2m demo 43 Original ====Original===== V-M

87 Playastation 2 ops2m demo 53 Original (2 Copies) ====Original===== V-M

88 Prince of Persia : Sands of Time ( 2 copies) ========S======== F-S

89 Prince of Persia : Two Throne ( 2 copies) ========M======= NO-SCR

90 Prince of Persia : Warrior Within ========S======== NO-SCR

91 Rachet : Deadlocked ========M======= T-M-S

92 Resident Evil : Code Veronica X ========S======== V-M

93 Resident Evil Outbreak ========S======== NO-SCR

94 Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 ========S======== NO-SCR

95 Ricky Ponting International Cricket ========S======== T-M-S

96 ROCKY ========S======== NO-SCR

97 RTX : Red Rock ========S======== V-M

98 RYGAR ========S======== V-M

99 Shadow of Colossuss ========M======= NO-SCR

100 Shadow the Hedgehog SONIC ========M======= V-M

101 Showdown of Wrestling Legends ========S======== NO-SCR

102 Shut your Mouth (2 copies) ========S======== V-M

103 Silent Hill 2 ========S======== NO-SCR

104 Silent Hill 3 ========S======== V-M

105 Silent Hill 4 ========S======== NO-SCR

106 Smack Down : Here Comes the PAIN ========S======== NO-SCR

107 Smack Down VS Raw ========S======== V-M

108 Smack Down VS Raw 2005 ======DVD-R====== V-M

109 Smack Down VS Raw 2007 ========M======= V-M

110 Smack Down VS Raw 2009 ======DVD-R====== NO-SCR

111 Splash Down ========S======== M_S

112 Splinter Cell ========S======== V-M

113 Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow ========S======== V-M

114 SSX on Tour ========M======= T-M-S

115 Suffering : Ties the Bind ========M======= V-M

116 Super Bikes Riding Challenge ========M======= F-S

117 Syphon Filter : The Omega Strain ========S======== NO-SCR

118 Tekken 5 ========S======== NO-SCR

119 Tekken Tag ========S======== V-M

120 Terminator 3 : Redemption ========S======== T-M-S

121 Test Drive ========S======== V-M

122 The Incredibles ========S======== F-S

123 The Punisher ========S======== NO-SCR

124 The Simpson Hit and Run ========S======== V-M

125 The Thing ========S======== NO-SCR

126 Thunder Hawk : Operation Phoenix ========S======== V-M

127 TNA Wrestling ======DVD-R====== NO-SCR

128 Tom and Jerry : War of the Wisher ========S======== NO-SCR

129 Tom Clancy : Rainbow Six 3 ========M======= V-M

130 Tomb Raider : LEGENDS ========M======= V-M

131 Transformers ======DVD-R====== V-M

132 US Socom Navy Seals ========S======== NO-SCR

133 USB Advanced =======CD-R====== V-M

134 Vitua Fighter 4 ========S======== F-S

135 Without Warning ========S======== V-M

136 Wrath : Unleashed ========S======== F-S

137 X-2 Wolverine Revenge ========S======== NO-SCR

138 Xialin Showdown ========M======= M_S

139 XPLODER =======CD-R====== F-S

SOLD......................................Mod can close the Thread

can u tell , in what price u sell it ?

sold for 14000 to a forum member

haahah wow he didnt bought for 13 but 14! wow ahahaha

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haahah wow he didnt bought for 13 but 14! wow ahahaha

Dear if u read carefully then price was in Bidding system i also got offers of 14 and 15 from outside city but i prefered karachi koz of shipment hurdle

yeah i think people are fool here.

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yeah i think people are fool here.

Did this sale Hurt u?

if so then …get a life dear

Mods PLz close da thread…otherwise that will become a chit chat session

oh my dear why don't you go and sell your games for 40 R.s BWHAAHAHAHAHAH cant stop laughing. and people around me are also retarded that's why they are laughing hahahahahah

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