WTS: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01 6MP Digital Camera

Product Features:

* 6 Megapixels

* 28mm wide angle Leica Lens (more coverage within the same range)

* combined zoom power of 14.4x -- 3.6x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom

* Mega Optical Image Stabilization features "anti-blur" to keep photos clear and blur-free

* 2.5-inch diagonal polycrystalline TFT LCD

* ISO sensitivity: Auto/80/100/200/400 (high sensitivity mode: 800 to 1600)

Colour: Black

Made in Japan

scratchless LCD (i put an LCD protector even since i bought it)

All accesssories are included:

Original Box, manual, charger,battery, AV cable, USB cable + pouch+ kingston 2 GB memory card

In excellent condition.....see pics below

For reviews, check out the following sites:




Demand : Rs. 9000

buyer should preferably be from ISB/RWP







Sorry forgot to give my contact info:

0300 9554466


Rs 9000 much expensive......

Iz tht ur final price?

Model is very old i think? and Price is too high bcz New digicams are available in this price.

wht is this? ^ lol

Price is negotiable.

Even the newer digicams at this price wont have "optical image stabilization" and "28mm wide angle".

Dont be fooled by digital image stabilization. Its like the optical and digital zoom. Digital zoom is useless.

Trust me....it is in like new condition.. I have an SLR camera and dont use this much.

Keeping in mind the prices of new digicams, canon 6mp is avaible at galaxy in 7800, my offer is 4500.

The camera you are reffering to is soo thick ,you cant even keep it in your pocket and it takes AA pencil cells.

and it doesnt even have optical image stabilization nor wide angle lens.

my camera is in a different league . If you want to compare it to a canon model check out " canon IXUS 860 IS" which has optical image stabilization and wide angle 28mm.

and its price is Rs. 29000


New price Rs. 8500

dear what is its movie recording time and format for movie

640 x 480 , 30 fps movie mode plus

16:9 widescreen mode capable of capturing 848x480 pixels at 30 frames per second

(duration limited only by card capacity).

if you want more details on movie mode and check out the video samples from this camera,goto:


Image stabilizer is very helpful in movie mode by reducing the jerky movements of the arm and makes the movies steady.

if we both will b agree upon price what will be procedure about shipment and paymet option i live in khi

yaar iam not sure how that will work out.

I can send you by TCS or something.

how do other people from different cities do their transactions?

Final price Rs. 8000

or Rs. 7500 without SD card

bro 6000 sahi hai

agar sahi hai plz call me 03322551470